Top Locations You Should Visit In April

Every month is beautiful for traveling, you only need to know the right spots where to go and when. We’re almost parting with the cold winter days, and looking forward to warm spring when the temperatures are just perfect. On this list, you’ll find cities from all over the world, in completely different settings with different types of activities. Every single person will be able to decide which spot works best for their interests. Check out some of the top locations you should visit in April.

Lake Tahoe

If you are into nature and gorgeous views, Lake Tahoe will make all of your dreams come true. This stunning spot is located on the border between California and Nevada. If you have extra time, you can easily visit other locations in both countries. But, considering all the fun things you can do here, you won’t even have to! Let’s start with the lake, which is a perfect place to either just sit and chill, or get on board with numerous activities. You’ll be happy to hear that the area has some of the best, most beautiful resorts equipped with hot tubs, saunas, pools and so much more. April is the month of the year when maybe you’ll even experience snow, so that’s your chance to spend a day on the slopes. The temperatures are usually very pleasant during the day, but it can get colder at night. Some of the other fun activities include hiking, ice skating, dog sledding and more.

Top Locations You Should Visit In April lake tahoe


Amsterdam is one of the best cities you can visit in April. This is a month when the city gets significantly warmer, but it’s not too hot. It is also the time of the year when you’ll see so many blossomed tulips, which is the whole point of going to the Netherlands. It is a city that has it all, from unique tourist attractions, great food, amazing shopping locations, and so much more. There will be many hotels and apartments to choose from for accommodation, most of which can even offer inexpensive prices. A great idea is to get a bike and move around town like a real local. That way you’ll have a better chance of visiting the larger part of the city, and even get to some of the smaller villages and towns next to it.

Top Locations You Should Visit In April amsterdam


If you’ve been dreaming of visiting Japan, April is the month to do it. The country is known for the magical cherry blossom trees. You can find them all over, but the thing is that the flowers blossom during April. So, start searching for plane tickets, you officially have your next travel destination. Hanami is the holiday that celebrates the cherry blossom season. You will have so much fun exploring such a unique and interesting culture. If you’re a foodie, get ready to see and try some of the most unconventional dishes ever.

Top Locations You Should Visit In April japan


The whole country or Morocco is stunning, but Marrakech is definitely the gem everyone’s obsessed with. The colorful markets, delicious food, amazing architecture are just a part of the things you can expect. This is a town you should visit in April because the weather during this month is ideal. Once the summer starts the temperatures go high up and it can get very hard to properly explore the city. Another huge advantage is the fact that it’s not an expensive location. You will be able to find accommodation for a very affordable price and it won’t hurt your budget.

Top Locations You Should Visit In April marrakech


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