Top Best Places to Live in The USA for 2018

World Report and U.S. News did some research and made a list that includes the best places to live in the USA for 2018. And we’re here to share the results. The capital of Texas, Austin took over the first spot this year. They researched five characteristics that are very important for people when they choose a place to live in.

The first and most important one is the job market. Some cities offer many employment possibilities, which is very meaningful if you want a good life quality. That will give numerous choices and chances to grow. The second metrics is value, which is the balance of yearly income and costs. Value is followed by quality of life, which many people are concerned about. This includes the crime rates, recreational parks, art, music, culture, colleges and more. Everyone wants to live in a safe environment. The last two metrics are desirability and net migration. The researchers also looked at factors such as the cost of housing, healthcare, schools and more. Take a look at the top three best places to live in the USA and check out all the reasons why they are ranked so high.

Austin, Texas

This amazing place takes the top spot on the best places to live in the USA list. It is the second year in a row that Austin is rated so high. According to research, this city has around 50 new residents every single day. People are fascinated with the unique spirit of the capital of Texas, the great food, fun culture and all of the activities to do both indoors and outdoors. So if by any chance you’ve been looking for a place to move to, you might want to consider Austin. The most important thing why people decide to pack their bags and go to this city is the great work possibilities. All of the industries here are growing so the employment rate is high. Also, Austin has one of the most vibrant music and art scenes in America.

Top Best Places to Live in The USA for 2018 austin texas

Colorado Springs, Colorado

This year Colorado Springs made a huge jump from the 11th spot to the second position. This is quite impressive. It notes a large number of new residents because of the great employment possibilities. Numerous spheres are enjoying a rise so a lot of new working spots are open. There are openings in economics, medical industries, tourism and more. Thanks to the newly-set military bases there is also space for employment there. When it comes to colleges, there are many quality universities and other schools in Colorado Springs. The culture and economy are blooming. People in this city are happy and surrounded by parks and recreational spots. You can see why everyone would like to live there.

Top Best Places to Live in The USA for 2018 colorado springs

Denver, Colorado

Located just one-hour drive away from Colorado Spring is Denver, the third best city to live in the USA. It offers everything that people are looking for. First of all, you will love the blooming employment possibilities. You will be able to find a new job much faster than in most other places in the USA. In 2016 Denver was located on the top spot on the best places to live in the USA list, while in 2017 took over the second spot. The cannabis industry is fast-growing at the moment, especially in Denver. That opens numerous job possibilities. Aside from that, you can easily find a job in all of the other industries. The migration levels have slowed down in the past few years for Denver, so that is why the city is now rated on the third spot.

Top Best Places to Live in The USA for 2018 denver colorado


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