Top 5 Craziest Bridges In The World

The world has so much to offer, all you have to do is travel. There are literally millions of creations out there which can take your breath away by simply looking. Bridges are definitely impressive creations, with so many different types all around the world. You can compare them by height, length or the unique way they were built. Today we bring you the craziest bridges in the world, that stand out from everything you’ve seen before.

Golden Bridge, Vietnam

This is the most talked-about bridge in the world at the moment. It is a newly made pedestrian bridge located at the Bà Nà Hills resort very close to the city of Da Nang. If the road ever leads you to this area of Vietnam you definitely have to visit this amazing creation. It is located above the sea at a height of 4,600 feet, which is quite impressive. It is presented with two huge palms which are made so realistically, so you’ll think it’s the real deal. They are holding the bridge and offer visitors a view of the amazing nature in the area.

TA Landscape Architecture is the company that came up with this mesmerizing creation. It extends for around for 150 m and it’s already a true Instagram sensation. The money came from a $2 billion investment for the country that is trying to attract more tourists. With this type of surprises, they will definitely achieve the goal.

Trift Suspension Bridge, Gadmen, Switzerland

If you are afraid of heights, this bridge is definitely not a good idea for you. It is one of the craziest bridges in the world, built back in 2004. It is also crowned as the longest and highest suspension bridge where people can walk. Better get ready for some adrenaline rush if you’re thinking of visiting. It will give you chills by simply standing on top. But if you are a real adventurist, who loves dangerous and unique nature sights, this is where you should spend your next vacation,

Glass Grand Canyon Bridge, Zhangjiajie, China

Chinese are anything but ordinary. That’s why they built one of the most mesmerizing bridges on the planet. The glass Grand Canyon creation is officially the world’s highest and longest bridge with a glass bottom. It is located around 40 km away from the Zhangjiajie National Park and offers a number of activities. The bottom is completely covered with glass, giving you a unique and adrenaline-filled experience. If you are not afraid of heights, this breath-taking building should become a part of your bucket list.

Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

This creation completely stands out from anything you’ve seen before, so that’s why it made its way to the craziest bridges in the world list. It is situated in Japan and it’s the third largest bridge on the planet made of a rigid construction. When you first take a look at it, the creation looks so futuristic and so impressive. This building requires drivers to achieve a certain speed in order to pass it without difficulties. It features a 6.1 gradient on one side and 5.1 on the other.

Plank Road in the Sky, Mount Hua, China

Well, this one is sure a force of nature. Located right on the Mount Hua in China, the Plank Road in the Sky will pump your adrenalin so hard! It is not the bridge construction you’ve expected. It’s made of wooden planks attached to the mountain, as well as ropes and chains. Only the most courageous ones will decide to do the walk.

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