Top 5 Countries With Cheapest Property

If you’ve been planning to invest in something, property is the thing you can never go wrong. And it doesn’t always have to be close to home. There are so many countries in the world where buying a house or condo is equal to a part of your annual pay. Take a look at the top 5 countries with the cheapest property. You will be surprised at how affordable apartments can actually be.


Unlike in the past, these days it’s very easy to purchase property in this country. A while ago it was extremely hard to get your hands on a home there. There were many rules that protected Vietnam and only allowed foreigners who want to start a business in the country to also purchase a house or condo. Thanks to the rise in tourism, it seems that a lot of things have changed. Vietnam today is one of the countries with the cheapest property in the world. The process can get so low, that you can actually score an apartment for $25,000. The best place is next to resorts, so you can fully enjoy your stay. Since you probably won’t be staying there, you can rent the place to some of the numerous tourists that are actually present all year long.

Top 5 Countries With Cheapest Property vietnam


Mexico is so popular because of its affordable character. That’s the main reason why so many people from all around the world decide to book a vacation to one of the numerous luxury resorts. And all of that is available for an inexpensive sum. If you’re searching to buy a house or flat away from home, Mexico might be just the right place. A lot of Americans already live there, which makes things much easier. If you don’t plan on living in this country, there is always the chance to rent the house or condo.

Top 5 Countries With Cheapest Property mexico


Thailand is amazing on so many levels. Imagine owning a small apartment close to the beach. Feels like a dream come true. The tourism in this country is blooming in such a fast pace that you can actually score some very affordable properties. If you’re looking for a smaller place to start with, you can buy a nice condo for around $30,000. The ones with two or three bedrooms will cost you double that price.

Top 5 Countries With Cheapest Property thailand


Cambodia is ridiculously cheap. Your next big venture in real estate can be there. It is one of the countries with the cheapest property on earth. So if you are interested in getting anything, you’ll have to spare around $20,000. Food, drinks, and lifestyle are also extremely affordable. The pay rate is very low, so people don’t get paid too much to do their job. For such an amazing price, you won’t even have to rent the place. For all the ones visiting, the cost of vacation rentals is cheap as well.

Top 5 Countries With Cheapest Property cambodia


This is another super-affordable location, that is definitely breath-taking at the same time. Instead of spending the summer going from one hotel to another, you can simply get a property there. More and more people are investing in Argentina. The number of tourists is growing like crazy, meaning that you’ll also have a chance to rent it. Condos are a bit more expensive compared to the other four places, but everything else is very affordable.

Top 5 Countries With Cheapest Property argentina


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