These Are The Most Beautiful Christmas Markets In Europe

As the days get colder, we can’t stop thinking about Christmas. It is the best time of the year that deserves a proper celebration. If you are completely obsessed with the merry holiday spirit, you will love visiting the most popular Christmas Markets in Europe. The Old Continent is known for having the most fabulous markets that last for more than a month. All of the options below are hosts to many thousands of people who travel to experience the joy of Christmas. Each day there is a new happening, event, or show that will blow your mind. It doesn’t matter which country or city you’ll choose. They are all so amazing that you’ll want to visit again and again.



The Austrian capital might be cold in winter, but the gorgeous Christmas Market will keep you warm at all times. It is one of the oldest holiday markets in Europe with a stunning setting. This town breathes and screams Christmas. The first-ever market here was set way back in 1298, imagine that! What a tradition. It is still one of the most opulent happenings of this kind on the Old Continent. Actually, the whole town is decorated with lights and ornaments. Each year there is a number of events that you can attend and enjoy. Aside from that, the market also features many stands located in front of the City Hall. They sell Austrian staples such as sausages, mulled wine, punch and more. Make sure to bring warm clothes, because you’ll need them.


Prague is magical for Christmas. The whole place radiates with special energy once the holidays come. The Christmas Market is actually divided into two locations. You will find stands in the Old Square, surrounded by all the historic attractions and a huge tree. The second one is at Wenceslas Square. The center of Prague is perfect for tourists because you can explore it on foot. These two squares are only minutes away. Put on some comfortable boots and get ready to explore the beauties of the town. Just like in Vienna, you can buy sausages, mulled wine and so much more at the stands. The very popular Trdelnik is a delicious dessert that you have to try.


The Christmas Market in Budapest is anything but boring. Located right in front of the Basilica, this market attracts thousands of visitors each year. Another amazing thing about the event is that it starts sometime during the end of November and lasts until the beginning of January. That means you have a whole month to visit. It is one of the most popular Christmas Markets in Europe and in the world. There is a huge ice skating rink and also an enormous Christmas tree. The stands offer some of the signature Hungarian specialties and drinks. It is such an amazing experience.


Winter in France is a fairytale. The city of Strasbourg has a very special charm that only becomes more alluring during the holidays. It is the host of one of the most charming Christmas Markets ever. Natives know it also as Christkindelsmärik. This whole town is an attraction, especially for people who visit for the first time. It is full of small cobbled streets, all decorated with lights. The first one was hosted in 1570 but was definitely not as opulent as these days. There is a huge Christmas tree with millions of decorations. While you’re there you’ll feast on delicious foods, signature to that region in France.

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