The Most Romantic Cities To Visit For Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is one of the most beautiful holidays in a year. It is the day when we celebrate love in all shapes and forms. This holiday becomes even better when you can take a short trip and enjoy it in an amazing city. We did a little research to figure out which are the most romantic places you should visit for Valentine’s Day 2019. These are all great choices because they offer the best times for couples in love. Start booking the tickets and packing your bags. The chances are you’ll want to visit at least one of these cities.


Paris is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic places in the world. So what better way to celebrate the holiday of love, than in the capital of France. It is a bit on the pricier side, but you can definitely pull off a few days without damaging your budget. You and your lover will have the best time ever here. Take a cruise down the river and you will fall in love with the city even more. Don’t forget to walk around the Latin quarter and try their iconic pancakes. Last, but not least, the Eiffel Tower. This is the signature spot of Paris, where you can even think about popping the question. So many couples get engaged on top of the tower. Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect one to do it. If you are not into clichés, you can still find so many adorable restaurants where can ask the question.

The Most Romantic Cities To Visit For Valentine’s Day 2019 paris


There is something so good about spending Valentine’s Day 2019 somewhere sunny. Miami is warm all year long, so why not escape the snow and enjoy the rays for a few days. This becomes even better if you’re spending the holiday with your loved one. This is a city that never gets boring. It doesn’t matter if you’re up for long walks down the beach or even going out at night and partying. You’ll be surprised of how many things you can do in Miami for couples. This year Andrea Bocelli has a concert there on February 14th, so there’s another amazing idea.

The Most Romantic Cities To Visit For Valentine’s Day 2019 miami


Prague is not as glamorous as Paris and Miami, but it is perfect for couples. This Valentine’s Day you can escape the everyday madness and take your loved one to Prague. This city is magical at every single corner. Let’s start with the iconic Charles Bridge, where you can watch the sunset. Another great idea is to book a cruise down the river and even have a fancy dinner there. It all depends on what you have pictured in your mind as the perfect date. The Old Town Square is a place with several restaurants which provide the best view of Prague’s stunning architecture. The best thing about visiting the town in February is that you will probably be avoiding all the crowds that are usually present during the Christmas holidays or during summer.

The Most Romantic Cities To Visit For Valentine’s Day 2019 prague


Santorini is Greece’s most popular island with the most magical view. The fact that everyone else goes there during summer shouldn’t stop you from booking it on February 14. The view is even more mesmerizing when there are not tourists everywhere. That makes Santorini the perfect place to book for the day of love. You can even surprise your other half by organizing and booking the whole trip. The list of things to do there is quite impressive. The first one on yours should be watching the sunset while having a romantic dinner.

The Most Romantic Cities To Visit For Valentine’s Day 2019 santorini


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