The Most Jaw-Dropping Abandoned Places In The World

There are so many amazing destinations in the world that you want to visit. But have you ever thought of those mesmerizing locations that have been completely abandoned? Imagine a whole town left completely empty. These abandoned places will literally give you creeps. They are all stunningly beautiful in a special way, and extremely scary at the same time. There is no one there, so if you ever get tired from the world around you, at least you’ll know where to go.


Pripyat, Ukraine

This is one of the creepiest abandoned places in the world. It was built in 1970, at the border between Belarus and Ukraine. Pripyat was labeled as a Soviet Nuclear City. Its main purpose was to be a home for all the people who worked at the Chernobyl station. The estimated number of individuals who lived there is around 50 000. The name comes from a local river, and Pripyat was officially recognized as a town in 1979. Unfortunately, when the Chernobyl tragedy happened, the whole city was evacuated. Today it is a zone where the radiation is huge and not recommended for visitors. This place will stay abandoned for many years to come until the radiation levels come back to normal.

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I.M. Cooling Tower, Belgium

What today looks like a huge spooky building was once a cooling tower. Located in Monceau-sur-Sambre, Charleroi, this stunning tower was responsible for cooling down hot water. At one point in the best, the I.M. Cooling tower was a part of a power station in Belgium. It looks very much like a trumpet with a large hole in the middle. The water moved down the structure which provided that cooling effect. It had the ability to cool down almost 2 million liters per minute, which is quite a stunning number. The power plant was built in 1921. At that time, it was the biggest and most important one in Belgium. The cooling tower was abandoned in 2007 when protesters started a riot against its high emission of CO2. Now it’s a huge completely empty building.

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Kolmanskop, Namibia

Kolmanskop was just a tiny town in Namibia until the first decade of the 1900s. When several German colonists discovered that this place is full of diamonds, Kolmanskop became a huge attraction. It soon became crowded with many people looking for the same thing. This happened until the end of World War I when the diamonds were almost gone. This is when everyone figured out that there are more diamonds in several places near Kolmanskop. The city was completely empty in the 1950s. Tourists tend to visit it often because of the stunning houses filled with sand. The ghost town in the Namib desert will remain only that, a ghost town. It served as a filming location for several popular Hollywood movies.

The Most Jaw-Dropping Abandoned Places In The World (1)

The Maunsell Sea Forts, England

These towers were built during World War II. The main purpose of their use was to keep England safe from German air attacks. Created by Guy Maunsell, the huge towers were located in the River Thames in England. Shortly after the war, they were officially out of use. All of them were also used by numerous radio operators, but these days none of the Maunsell Sea Forts have a certain role, except for one. It is used by a micronation called Principality of Sealand. These Sea Forts are huge, made of metal and among the most interesting abandoned places in the world.

The Most Jaw-Dropping Abandoned Places In The World (1)


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