The Craziest Airports In The World

Frequent travelers appreciate a good airport. It doesn’t have to be huge as long as it has what you need. There are so many different ones in the world, some big others tiny. There is also another group that doesn’t qualify in any of these categories. They are so interesting that you simply have to check them out. These are the craziest airports in the world that will take your breath away.


Madeira Airport

Madeira is just a small island in Portugal. But their airport is as crazy as they get. If you ever decide to visit this paradise, you can book a plane ticket. Get ready for one bumpy ride. This is a very small airport with the riskiest runway you’ve ever seen. Just by looking at it your heart will stop. Although Madeira is not the biggest of islands, it can attract a fair number of tourists. All of those people need to find a way to get to the location. The first runway of the airport was only 5000 feet long. The most interesting thing is that engineers once decided to expand it with a 3000 feet extension bridge. The runway than reached more than 9000 feet. They set huge 70-foot columns that are in the ocean. Since the first runway was placed right at the edge of the coast, they had no other way of expanding than my locating the extra new one above the water. In other words, there is a large part of it that is actually a bridge. It is marked as a safe airport but it can be tricky for landing.

The Craziest Airports In The World madeira

Hong Kong International Airport

The new Hong Kong International airport is one stunning story. It is rated among the craziest airports in the world thanks to its modern approach. This place features so many activities to do while you’re waiting. First, there is an actual Aviation Discovery Center. If you are interested in flying, you can spend some of your free time there. Another option is the IMAX theater which is actually the biggest one in China. Golf courses, tea shops are just a part of the other entertaining things you can do to spend your time until the flight.

What you probably didn’t know is the story behind the old airport in Hong Kong. Called Kai Tak, it was located on an island that was built for the purpose of having an airport. It all started in 1991 when engineers had to merge two smaller islands so that they could create Kai Tak. It was closed in 1998 and replaced with the modern version.

The Craziest Airports In The World hong kong

Princess Juliana Airport, St. Maarten

You’ve probably seen this one many times before. It is officially among the top three craziest airports in the world. The stunning fact about Princess Juliana is that one part of its runway ends right at the beach. This is a well-known beach in St. Maarten called Maho Beach. People get even more fascinated with the story, so often visit Maho just to witness the thrill of standing so close below an airplane. The runway of the airport is a bit narrow and short. The length is 2,179 meters long, which can cause problems for pilots during landing. The rule is that a large airplane needs the minimum of 2,500 m for a safe landing. They did an extension a few years ago, so that made Princess Juliana just a tiny bit safer. In spite of the fact that it’s completely scary to be there, tourists still decide to enjoy in the clear water while loud planes are going over their heads. Some do it for the thrill, while others simply love the place.

The Craziest Airports In The World princess juliana


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