Take A Look At The Most Expensive Hotels In The World

Glamorous life is always costly, and these hotels are here to prove it. With staggering prices for a single night, the rooms in these unique places are not meant for everyone. They provide luxury, impeccable service, stunning interiors, and so much more. You won’t even believe how much it costs to spend a night in these most expensive hotels in the world. They are located all over the globe, so if you can splurge and afford to book them, you won’t be sorry. If not, we can all read and hope that one day we’ll be able to spend our hard-earned money there.

Mark Hotel, New York

New York is the home of some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world. The Big Apple can offer you so much glamour, but it all comes with a price. The Mark Hotel is located on Madison Avenue and is a very popular spot for rich people, not to only spend the night, but actually splurge a whole fortune there. The first thing you need to know is that the Penthouse Suite is one of the costliest suites on earth. The prices start at around $80,000 per night in this suit. But, for that price, you do get quite a lot. The whole surface of the suite is around 12000 feet. This hotel was first built in 1927 but was renovated in 2006. From the stunning terrace, you can enjoy the view of Central Park. It was designed by the iconic Jacques Grange. Wait until you hear that the suite has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a number of other amenities you can’t even think of.

Take A Look At The Most Expensive Hotels In The World mark hotel

The Raj Palace, Jaipur

Although India is known as an affordable country, this cultural gem has some really luxurious hotels. Take as an example the Raj Palace located in Jaipur. This whole place is so magnificent that it’s constantly voted as one of the best hotels in the world. The prices are really high and can start from $43,000 per night. This hotel was built way back, in 1727. It still has that signature Indian coziness with the recognizable cultural elements, but it is so luxurious it hurts. The Presidential Suite is on a whole new level if that’s even possible. This space features golden furniture and the best service ever. The Raj Palace was once the pavilion of the Maharaja. Let’s not forget about the museum of Indian history and culture that is located in the Presidential Suite.

Take A Look At The Most Expensive Hotels In The World raj palace

Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

The prices just go higher and higher. With an estimated cost of $68,000 per night, the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva is listed as one of the most expensive hotels on earth. It was named by the American President Woodrow Wilson. The costliest room in the hotel is the Royal Penthouse Suite, which occupies the whole floor. It has twelve bedrooms and the most stunning view of Lake Geneva. Switzerland is such a wonderful and rich country, which means whoever visits will have their hands full of exploring and enjoying the glamour of their hotel room. The size of the penthouse is 1800 sq meters. So far, it has hosted some super-famous people including Rihanna, Michael Douglas, Bill Gates and more.

Take A Look At The Most Expensive Hotels In The World hotel president wilson

Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, St. Lucia

This hotel manages to charge their guests $150,000 for one night. Isn’t that crazy or what? Well if you knew why, you would probably understand. This is an underwater hotel, that provides you with the most unique experience. You can just sit and watch what’s going on around you and you won’t be bored!

Take A Look At The Most Expensive Hotels In The World lover's deep luxury submarine


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