Stunning Waterfront Cities You Have To Visit

Traveling is the best investment in life. The world is full of so many magical places, so don’t think twice before booking a ticket. If you are a huge lover of waterfront cities, in today’s travel piece we decided to cover some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Some are in Europe, others in the US. Either way, all are iconic and offer much more than a stunning waterfront view. If you ever get a chance to visit these destinations you’ll see that they are so huge among tourists for all the right reasons.



Amsterdam is one of the top trending capitals in Europe. It is also one of the most stunning waterfront cities you have to visit in your life. Amsterdam is all about romantic canals, amazing architecture and unique experiences. You’ve probably heard the nightlife is quite interesting. That is actually the last thing that should be on your mind when visiting this gem. There is water everywhere you turn. You can choose to book a tour with a boat or rent a bike. Bikes are huge in Amsterdam and the transport of choice for both natives and tourists. There are several cruise options that will be very interesting as well. Whichever one you decide to do, you’ll have the best time ever.

Stunning Waterfront Cities You Have To Visit amsterdam


Venice is built on water, so it’s only logical to win a spot in the best waterfront cities list. This Italian place is so special and one-of-a-kind. If you are all about canals, bridges, water, and stunning buildings, you should start looking for a ticket to Venice. It has so much history to offer, but at the same time you’ll be able to relax and have a slow holiday. Don’t forget to take a ride on the gondola, that is the most Venetian thing you can do. All Italian cities are a true delight, especially considering the fact that you’ll be splurging on pasta and pizza every single day. Venice is also surrounded by a number of other magical small islands you can visit just by taking a boat ride.

Stunning Waterfront Cities You Have To Visit venice

New Orleans

New Orleans is a vibrant location that has so much to offer. First of all, if you are a music lover, you will be obsessed with New Orleans. This town is full of so much culture, that you’ll learn a new thing every minute of your trip. Also, it features a breath-taking waterfront that can’t compare to anything else you’ve seen before. All the people who really enjoy quality food, New Orleans is literally packed with unique restaurants that serve delicious meals. In the meantime, you’ll be chilling to the soothing sounds of jazz. The waterfront in this city delivers so many magical sites, that are worth your visit. Plus, if you have time make sure to visit all the gorgeous beaches located in and close to New Orleans. It’s literally a city that has it all.

Stunning Waterfront Cities You Have To Visit new orleans


Sydney is well-known for the world-popular beaches and busy lifestyle. If you get pleasure from waterfront views this is the place where you should move to. Just take a look at their iconic Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. They take the most stunning location with literally a breath-taking sight. Australia’s gem has so many amazing restaurants, bars and beach clubs that will satisfy all your needs. Even if you are a foodie, this city is popular for the quality of their restaurants and the diverse choice. When you have free time, make sure to sip a cocktail on at least one of their trending beaches.

Stunning Waterfront Cities You Have To Visit sydney


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