See The Most Untouched Places In The World

The world is such a beautiful place. It’s a pity that we can travel as often as we want to. There are so many unique places with mesmerizing nature that are too unique and mysterious for human reach. If you are a real adventurer you will love these locations below that are almost completely unexplored by humans, but still, make an amazing traveling choice. These are some of the most untouched places in the world, secluded and unique in so many ways.

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, Madagascar

Madagascar is an island of many surprises. If the path ever takes you there, you will be more than surprised by all the natural beauties this place has to offer. One of its most mysterious and alluring locations is the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. It is also one of the most untouched places in the world, not often visited by tourists. The exact translation of the name is “where one can only walk on tiptoe”, making Tsingy de Bemaraha even more mysterious. The whole National Park is characterized with breath-taking rocky limestone creations that are extremely high. When you first look at them, you will definitely feel some strange anxiety. Madagascar is the home of numerous animal species that are also endemic to this location. This place is also known as the “rocky forest”.

Socotra Island, Yemen

This is a group of four small islands that are completely separated from the coast of Yemen. It is well known for the numerous species of flora and fauna, most of which are unique to these islands. The Socotra archipelago has been secluded from land for over 7 million years, helping the rise of such a unique wildlife. One of the most-talked-about and signature trees for Socotra is the infamous dragon blood tree. I’m talking about a tree with interesting features, where the roots seem like they are upside down. There are tourists who decide to enjoy this secluded archipelago, so if you are up for an adventure, you should definitely consider it for your next travels. There are several hotels you can look up for booking, but don’t expect too much luxury. Socotra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

If you’ve been longing to visit a unique place that not many people have, welcome to the Galapagos archipelago. These are nineteen islands, all more interesting and mysterious than the other. Even the famous Darwin used Galapagos as an inspiration to write his iconic book “The Origin of Species”. Although there are tourists who decide to visit, Galapagos is still one of the most untouched places in the world. These volcanic islands have so much to offer especially for travelers who love adventure and nature. They are populated with an estimated number of 23,000 people. Galapagos is the home of so many endemic types of animals and plants, that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whales, penguins, turtles, iguanas are just a part of the colorful wildlife that inhabits this archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.


Namibia is unique on so many levels. Aside from being one of the most untouched places in the world, it is also the most sparsely populated one. It is the home of the Namib Desert, the Earth’s oldest desert. Another amazing fact about Namibia is that here you can find a quarter of the cheetah population in the world. This African country is definitely not explored enough mostly because of the fierce weather conditions in the desert. This doesn’t mean that you can visit, only that you have to be prepared for one hell of an adventure.

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