Must-Visit Amazing Locations In Southeast Asia

If you love exploring unique places and cultures, it’s time to visit Southeast Asia. This region is full of the most amazing attractions which you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Starting with Myanmar that is completely magical, Bali that is surreal, to Vietnam, every single country is worth your time and money. Just by seeing the pictures you will want to book your tickets right away. Check out the places below to convince you that Southeast Asia should be your next location.

Bagan, Myanmar

This is absolutely one of the most mesmerizing locations in the world. The whole country of Myanmar is amazing, but there is something special about Bagan. It is the place where you will find thousands of Buddhist temples with all of their glory. To make things even better you can also book a hot-air balloon to witness the 2,000 temples from above. Back in the day, there were around 13,000 temples in this city. You will see things of gold, stunning archeological sites, and luxurious residences. Bagan is a site protected by UNESCO. One of the most popular temples is Ananda which is covered with gold. It will definitely not be the cheapest travel, but it will be worth it.

Must-Visit Amazing Locations In Southeast Asia bagan

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam is becoming a trending location for tourists from all around the world. Ha Long Bay is without a doubt one of the first places that they decide to visit. It is a group of karst islands that are also combined with vertical formations. Ha Long Bay is made of over 2,000 limestone islets, all with different shapes and sizes. It is a very unique and colorful view that will take your breath away. This attraction is among the top rated destinations in Southeast Asia. Here you will find floating markets at the fish villages where you can shop for many delicious types of fresh fish. You can book a tour that will bring you to separate islands so you can discover this area up-close and take your time. You might even want to stay here forever.

Must-Visit Amazing Locations In Southeast Asia ha long bay

Ifugao Rice Terraces, Philippines

You can find rice terraces in several countries in the world, but the ones in Ifugao are more epic than any other location. Found at the Luzon island in the Philippines, these terraces are so picturesque that words can’t even describe. You will be surrounded by the most beautiful nature from the Cordilleras Mountains. These rice terraces were created way back, and the word is that they were completely built by hand. People here still use them today. If mountains are your thing, this place should be on top of your bucket list. During harvest season, the terraces are covered with water, so you will be witnessing the most spectacular view ever. Start saving money and book your ticket.

Must-Visit Amazing Locations In Southeast Asia ifugao rice terraces


If you prefer modern-day places, Singapore is where you should be. This opulent location is all about enjoying life to the fullest. You should expect an expensive stay, but the things you’ll see cannot be found anywhere else. Every single day you can visit a different attraction and still be amazed. The Marina Bay area is a must if you are headed to Singapore. This is a vibrant complex with an infinity pool and an observation deck to see everything from above. Another attraction on the list should be the Gardens By The Bay. Adventure parks, outdoor activities, shopping, delicious foods, you can all find it on this modern island.

Must-Visit Amazing Locations In Southeast Asia singapore


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