Most Popular World Travel Destinations For 2018

Have you ever wondered which are the most popular cities in the world to travel to? If you still haven’t decided on where to spend your summer vacation this year, we have some amazing ideas you could definitely use. You might find this list as a cliché, but we’re bringing you the greatest travel destinations for 2018 in the world. These cities are already known tourist attractions, which means they have a lot to offer. Check out all the potential places you can go, and why you should go there.



Paris is the highest rated city in the world for 2018 according to Trip Advisor. The capital of France is anything but ordinary. People from all around the world dream of being able to visit this infamous city. Thanks to the affordable plane tickets and accommodation, traveling to this amazing location has never been easier. There are so many things that will make you pack your bags and book a flight. First of all, Paris is also known as the City of Lights and Love. So if you are traveling with your partner or better half this 2018, this is the right place for you.

It also features the most visited tourist attraction in the world. As you’ve probably already guessed, it’s the Eifel Tower. Once you’re there make sure to see it both during the day and at night. Get a ticket and start climbing those stairs. Nothing compares to the view from the top. But, Paris is not only the Eifel Tower. There is so much more history and art to see. The City of Lights is the home of Louvre, one of the most renowned museums in the world. There you’ll be able to witness the iconic Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, and a number of other art masterpieces. Your money will be well spent.

Notre Dame Cathedral is another attraction you definitely want to see. Arc de Triomphe is another mega-popular monument located on the western end of  Champs-Élysées. If you are not that much into art but love feasting your eyes on fabulous and opulent views, Paris has just the right place for you. The Palace of Versailles will be one of the most mesmerizing places you’ve ever been too. Architecture, history, and art are not the only things to expect from France’s capital. Once you start roaming the romantic streets of Paris, you’ll stumble into numerous cute restaurants, all of which offer amazing meals. The food is superb, and the wine is next level. And last, but not least, Disneyland. Yes, there is a Disneyland very close to the city. So if you have enough time to spare, book one whole day for endless fun.

New York

The battle between New York and Paris is always very tight. The two metropoles are extremely popular among tourists. If you prefer America over Europe, then New York should be your next travel. It is without a doubt the top US travel destination for 2018. The Big Apple is the most populous city in America. If you’ve never been, you can’t know the magic it radiates. There is no good or bad time to go to New York, this city is always amazing.

One of the most visited tourist attractions is the Statue of Liberty. This monument was a gift from France and is located on Liberty Island. You can always take a short boat trip to the statue and even climb to the top. The sole view is so scenic that you’ll be in awe. Once you’re in New York, make sure to plan a relaxing walk in Central Park. The Empire State Building is located on Fifth Avenue and the fifth tallest building in the USA. Once you get a ticket you can head up top, and get see the whole city.

New York is an extremely vibrant city, where every corner is filled with excitement. A must-go attraction is Times Square, an enormous square completely surrounded by flashing lights and amazing artists. You can easily get hooked to the energy this place radiates. If you are into shopping, there’s no better place to be. In meantime, every single street offers both luxury and small restaurants and cafes to take a break. Every single thing is a spectacle. For all the theater lovers, they can enjoy the infamous Broadway and their rich lineup. When it comes to transportation, the city is so well connected that you won’t have a problem getting from one end to the other with ease. There are so many amazing attractions in New York, so it’s really hard to put everything into words in one article.


According to Trip Advisor and millions of tourists, London is the ultimate location for 2018. London is not only the capital of England but also the most populous city in the country. Tourists are captivated by this place, because of its diversity. If you’ve always wanted to visit England, London is the best place to start. It’s the leading location of entertainment, culture, architecture, art, business, and more. It’s actually a large city with a population of more than 8 million. Here you’ll find people of all races and nationalities, living and work there. That is definitely one of the best things about traveling to England’s capital.

When it comes to attractions, the first one on the list is Big Ban. We’re talking about a large tower clock located on the north end of the Westminster Palace. It dates from 1859 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From there you can continue to the Palace of Westminster, which carries a Victorian Gothic vibe. It will definitely be one of the most mesmerizing buildings you’ve ever seen. The London eye is an amazing scenic feature that will provide you with the best view of the city. Once you’re there make sure you visit the Buckingham Palace, the Madame Tussauds Museum, Kensington Palace, the lovely restaurants and more.


There probably isn’t a more majestic tropical location than Bali. The whole country of Indonesia is so special, that you’ll feel obsessed. It’s an island with a population of around 4 million. You’ve probably already seen your favorite travel and fashion bloggers flaunting their perfect summer outfits while chilling in the opulent resorts there. Well, this amazing island is one of the most popular tourist destinations for 2018. The good thing is that it’s actually affordable for everyone. No matter what your budget is, you can still find a plane ticket that won’t leave you broke and a non-expensive hotel. If you are obsessed with mile-long beaches that are simply perfect, you have to start looking for a way to get to Bali. Aside from sipping cocktails, you will be mesmerized by the unique culture and the traditional cuisine.

The Tanah Lot is without a doubt the most popular temple on this island. It is located on top of a huge cliff, completely surrounded by the waves of the sea. Since Bali is made up of numerous cities, and smaller towns, you will have to use your time there very well. Make sure to plan activities for every single day, and spend some quality time both on the beach, temples, art, and culture. Ubud is definitely the center of the culture and one of the most frequently-visited locations in Bali


A lot of people consider Rome to be the most beautiful city in the world. This town in Italy is one of the centers of the culture not only in Europe but also in the world. If you ever decide to go there, get ready to tour some amazing ancient buildings, churches, cute little restaurants, and binge on pasta, pizza, and gelato. Check out why Rome is one of the most popular travel destinations for 2018 below.

Fontana Di Trevi is Rome’s signature attraction. It was finished back in the mid-1700s, and today is surrounded by millions of tourists every day, trying to toss their lucky coin while making a wish. When you’re there, try grabbing some super-delicious pizza from the small restaurants located right next to the fountain. If you are obsessed with ice cream, nothing compares to the Italian gelato. You will find it in different flavors, all of them more delicious than the previous one. The Colosseum is another very popular site, that marks the rich history of this capital. It is mostly known for the epic gladiator fights that happened around 80 A.D. Today, it is a very-well preserved attraction you can visit by getting a ticket.

Another amazing fact for Rome is that you can visit the Vatican, a city-state, surrounded by the Italian capital. This is the home of the Pope, so you can actually get a ticket and stroll around the fabulous buildings.

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