Crazy Destinations for Adventure Travel

There’s plenty of adventure junkies out there that simply can’t get enough of traveling to unique places that have a lot to offer. Whether you are a hiking lover or prefer more extreme activities such as bungee jumping, here you’ll find all the countries that are ideal for adventure travel. The world is such a big place, so there are so many places that we barely know they exist.


New Zealand

New Zealand is the perfect country for adventurers. Thousands of miles of untouched nature and you never know what you’ll find. This country will keep your adrenaline high at all times. Plus, it offers a wide variety of things you can do in nature. Walk around the amazing Aoraki National Park, Fiordland National Park and many more. While you’re there you can choose your favorite outdoor activity including bungee jumping biking, kayaking, skydiving, hiking, climbing and a number of other things that come to your mind. You will be surrounded by amazing views everywhere you go.

Crazy Destinations for Adventure Travel New Zealand



This country was probably way back on your mind. But believe me, if you haven’t been there you’re missing out a lot. All the adventurers need to pack a bag and get a flight to Mongolia. There you will find the most mesmerizing views and an amazing culture. Among the activities that you can do are ride camels in the Gobi Desert, take the 21-day Trans-Mongolian Express, hike, kayak, visit the Terelj National Park and more. The 21-day train trip is definitely something you have to consider. Imagine spending so much time on a train just traveling across Mongolia and witnessing a different natural gem every single day. The trip starts at Russia and ends in China. You can also do it the other way around, start at China and end in Russia.

Crazy Destinations for Adventure Travel Mongolia


Costa Rica

Such a small but an amazing country. Start packing your bags and book a ticket to Costa Rica, because you’ll like what you’ll see. If you enjoy adventure travel, this country has to be among the top three on your list. The wildlife is on a completely new level. You literally can’t imagine all of the animals you’ll encounter during your visit. In the meantime, you can get a day off at Costa Rica’s gorgeous beaches and sip on cocktails. Once you’ve rested, you can even visit a volcano. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Crazy Destinations for Adventure Travel Costa Rica


Without a doubt, one of the most popular destinations for adventure travel. Adrenaline junkies decide to go to Thailand because it’s always full of surprises. Aside from the stunning mile-long beaches, you’ll enjoy a super-vibrant nightlife and friendly people. A huge plus is that everything is very affordable. While you’re there you can pet tigers, ride on elephants, have fun with monkeys and much more. Just being in Thailand is an adventure enough. You will instantly fall in love with this country.

Crazy Destinations for Adventure Travel Thailand


Canada can’t compare to any other country that you’ve been to. You’ll be more than surprised with its amazing nature and all the opportunities for adventure travel. One of the most amazing experiences will be kayaking on the Emerald Lake. This lake features the clearest emerald water you’ve ever seen. Camping, canoeing, hiking, bungee jumping, you’ll find all of this and much more.

Crazy Destinations for Adventure Travel Canada


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