Can You Believe These Are The Smallest Countries In The World?

It is time for another geography lesson. Common travelers are always obsessed with interesting facts related to countries. Today we deliver the smallest countries in the world. Get a sneak peek of the tiniest places and learn more about their tourist attractions.


Vatican is officially the smallest country in the world. Also known as the Holy See, Vatican is a country inside a country. It is located in Rome, Italy and features an area of 0,44 km. It is completely run by The Pope, who is one of the most recognizable people in the world. He has complete executive, legal and judicial powers in Vatican. This country has a population of 451 people. If you are visiting the capital of Italy, make sure to swing by this tiny country.

The majority of the income is contributed by tourists which visit the huge attractions in Vatican. St. Peter’s Basilica is the biggest church in the world, where you will find some of the most extraordinary art pieces from several different ages in the past. If you are a history, art and architecture lover, Vatican has to make it on your traveling bucket list. Another part of the income is provided by members of the Roman Catholic Church.


This beautiful country on the French Riviera will take your breath away. Monaco is rated among the smallest countries in the world, and it takes the second spot. If you’ve ever seen pictures of Monaco, or have been there, you already know that it is the home of many millionaires. This is literally the cleanest, nicest place you can imagine. The total land area of the country is 2 square kilometers. The estimated population is 37,600 people. One of the most interesting facts is that the highest number of millionaires in the world are situated in Monaco.

Tourists come here to visit the numerous casinos, luxury hotels, shopping, and opulent experiences. Formula 1 is one of the biggest events that happen here. It is not referred to as a Republic, instead, it is a Principality. Another super-interesting thing you might like to know is that Monaco is the most densely populated country. The official language of the country is French. It is surrounded by the borders with France on three sides and the Mediterranean sea on the fourth one.


With an area of 21 square kilometers, Nauru is another one of the smallest countries in the world. It is an island located east of Australia. At one point it was known as Pleasant Island, and it is actually the tiniest island country in the world. The population is around 11,300 people. The thing you might find fascinating about Nauru is that it is declared as the country with the highest rate of obese and overweight people. That leads to another first for Nauru, since this country is also considered to have the highest level of diabetes type 2 on earth.


Just like Nauru, Tuvalu is also located in the Pacific Ocean. The only difference is it is a bit larger in the area that it takes over. Tuvalu is 5 square kilometers larger than Nauru. The estimated population is 10,600. Back in 2000, this country became a member of the United Nations, and today it is ruled by Queen Elizabeth II. It was formerly known as the Ellice Islands. It was a British colony until 1978 when Tuvalu announced independence. Tourism is not very popular on this island.

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