Amazing European Destinations to Travel by Train

Traveling by train is one of the best things you can do. There are a number of fun destinations that you can visit by simply booking a seven-day trip. Europe is one of the most exciting continents. And when it comes to choosing between a train or plain you should definitely go for the first one. During your amazing trip, you will be able to literally witness the most amazing natural sites while enjoying the warmth of your cabin. If you’re already thinking on taking up on such an adventure we’ve got the perfect suggestions.

The Glacier Express-Switzerland

One of the most iconic and most talked-about train rides in Europe. If you’ve never been to Switzerland, you should definitely place it on top of your list. The Glacier Express trip takes around seven and a half hours and it travels from Zermatt to St. Moritz and vice versa. The journey really offers stunning views throughout the whole seven hours. The Glacier Express is also known as the slowest high-speed train on the Old Continent, which makes things even better. You will need more time to soak up all those mesmerizing sights. If you can afford, you should book a first class ticket, that provides an amazing atmosphere, where you’re surrounded by glass windows, including on the top. There is one new railway service that travels on the direction between Davos and Zermatt. You can choose any season because Switzerland looks mesmerizing during any time of the year.

Amazing European Destinations to Travel by Train Switzerland


Imagine visiting two of the most popular European countries with only one train trip. There is a wonderful rail journey that will take you on an adventure from Venice to Munich and vice versa. As you already know, Venice is a unique city, like no other in the world. It is completely located on the water, with a strong Italian spirit. During the trip, you’ll also enjoy the views of the gorgeous Verona, Trento, and Innsbruck. The whole journey takes around 7 hours. If you are planning on booking a ticket for this train ride, you might want to consider the warmer days. Italy and Germany are beautiful in spring, summer, and autumn.

Amazing European Destinations to Travel by Train Venice


This will definitely be one crazy train ride. London is the ultimate British diamond, a city you must visit at least once in your lifetime. You will be surprised of all the historic tourist attractions mixed with a strong modern vibe. Once you board that train, you will have to stop in Brussels to make a change to Cologne. This is where you can decide to spend some time exploring and enjoying the beauties of Brussels. Your next stop is the mesmerizing Cologne. There are so many gorgeous towns in Germany, but this one tops most of them. Once you see the stunning Cathedral, located right by the Rhine River. It is one of the most breath-taking Doms in Europe. Aside from that, you’ll also be able to drink a lot of beer, visit some fun museums including one dedicated to chocolate and get tons of delicious food.

Amazing European Destinations to Travel by Train Cologne

Trans-Siberian Railway Trip

The longest train trip on this list, reserved for real adventure lovers. Russia is a dream of many world travelers. It is a unique country in many different means. Plus, if you think of how enormous it is, that only adds to the excitement. The whole journey takes 19 dates, which for some people might sound like a bit too much. So if you are not ready for this, don’t do it. It starts at Moscow and ends at Vladivostok. You can book a regular ticket, where you’ll see plenty of different people, or a private one if you prefer to enjoy by yourself.

Amazing European Destinations to Travel by Train Moscow


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