Airline Secrets: Things Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Air companies and flight attendants keep way too many secrets. We are all already aware of that, but how much do we really know? Getting familiar with some of those small, significant secrets can save you money and book you a new flight for free. Delays are always exhausting and you can easily lose a lot of money if one of your flights doesn’t go as planned. Other times, it’s simply overbooked and there is not enough space for all the passengers. Airlines serve themselves with smart tricks to save their money and give you just a portion of what you deserve.

There are many different ways to control the situation, all you need to do is read the tiny secrets and tips below. If you travel often, all of the above can be life-changing. It’s not always about knowing the rules, but also how to get around them.

Don’t Accept Vouchers. Ever!

Don’t let them fool you. Coupons will not serve you for anything. You might have found yourself in a situation when your flight was overbooked and now a lot of travelers have to give up their seats. This is where airlines step in and offer you a voucher, instead of booking you another flight right away. Never accept those vouchers, because they won’t really serve you. And if you’ve already accepted them, there is no turning back. Airlines first start offering vouchers worth around $150 and $200 but don’t resist the temptation. If the company doesn’t find you a different flight in the next two hours, you are entitled to cash or check compensation. According to the US Department of Transportation, you can get up to $1,300, depending on the delay, how much your ticket cost and more.

How to Search for Group Tickets?

Most of us make the same mistake and search for group tickets at the same time. For example, if there is three of you traveling, try searching the tickets one by one. The main reason is that the airline might have only two seats at a special price left. If you’ve been searching for three, the results will only show you three seats available on the regular price without any special discounts. When you do them one by one, you can save plenty of money.

The Airline Has to Cover Your Expenses for a Delayed Flight

The airline has to provide you with a different flight or another way of transportation if the flight you had booked is delayed. And they mustn’t charge you a single penny. So if you are running extremely late, you can enjoy many other benefits. In cases when they book you a flight for another day, they have to pay for the hotel expenses. If they find you a seat on a different plain, you can even score a first-class experience. And the best thing is that you don’t have to cancel your original ticket. You can still save it and use it for an upcoming occasion. Most people are not aware of these rules, so they either end up waiting there for hours or canceling their first reservation.

Get Money for Delayed Baggage

Another life-saving tip. If your suitcases don’t arrive at the destination at the same time that you do, you are entitled to a compensation. At first, companies will offer you a fee that’s around $30 to $40 per day. But according to the US Department of Transportation, you deserve much more. Of course, you have to have a reasonable explanation on why you need those suitcases delivered much faster. For example, if you are attending a wedding or a special event, and all of your dresses, makeup, jewelry is in the luggage, you simply can’t get ready. Make sure to save all receipts and go fight for your rights.

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