6 Travel Hacks to Help Avoid Hassles this Summer

Check your credit card for perks

You probably don’t even know you had perks from anything like covering your insurance when renting a car to hotel-room upgrades. Check it out to see if you may already have special rates or freebies.

Pack heaviest items at the bottom of your bag

Putting the heaviest items at the bottom, near the wheels of a suitcase makes your bag balanced. There’s nothing worse than a bag that keeps tipping over as you’re rushing to the gate.

Roll up clothes for packing

Rolling clothing for packing is both a great way to prevent wrinkles and save some space in your suitcase.

Bring compact-sized toiletries

It’s important to bring compact-sized toiletries in your luggage. There’s no need to lug around big stuff you’re not going to use all of.

Download your airline’s app

Get real time updates by downloading the airline’s app to receive gate changes or delays without having to worry about missing this vital information.

Book two one-way flights

It may get you better arrival and departure times as you mix and match flights.

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