4 Places to Visit During This Spring Break

Being picky about your stay for the spring break is not a privilege, it’s a must. How many of these breaks are you going to get after this? A spring break is a perfect vacation where you can lie on an empty beach and not worry about a single thing. Besides, you need to rest well before the finals, so it’s better to make this spring break count.

Today, we’ve prepared a list of some of the most exciting destinations for students to choose for spring 2021. Read through them and see if any of the places made you ask your friend ‘hey, write an essay for me, I need to leave’ and go pack your bags. Let’s dive in!




Too many students did not get to see their families this holiday season and it was heartbreaking, to say the least. Not being able to spend time with the closest people in your life is one of the worst things imaginable. However, now that you saw how important this connection is, why not try and visit your family? Unless, of course, none of your relatives are in the high-risk groups. Being around one’s family is extremely important and we often only seem to appreciate it when we are apart. Take all the precautions possible: take several covid tests, isolate before traveling and after. The best option would be going alone. See if you can figure out the logistics and ask your parents for advice, they might come up with something, too.


Spending time with your family is one of the most rewarding things in life. Sure, everyone’s families are different but most households are very tight-knit. And this kind of love is unconditional, the kind no partner can give.




If you’re into hiking, trekking, and other nature-related things, consider visiting the Yosemite Valley area. Staying in the mountains for a week can help you clear your mind, connect with nature and recharge your inner batteries. You’ll go back to campus completely refreshed. Start the new term well-rested and full of energy. It also helps to switch off your phone. Disconnecting from the internet can be really good for your mental health. Besides, it will show you that no news is really urgent enough for you to have to reach for the phone every other minute.


If you think Yosemite is too crowded, take one of the remote roads. You can even go off the beaten track, just be sure to have a compass, a map, and an emergency kit. The area around the national park has a lot of cool sights:


  • Mariposa Grove


  • Wawona


  • Tuolumne Meadows


  • Tioga Road


  • Crane Flat area.


The area is famous for its waterfalls, mountains, and incredibly picturesque views. If you want, you can even skydive there. So, charge your camera, take a few spare batteries and memory cards and go exploring. Just be sure to research all the Covid-related restrictions and you’re good to go!


Cancun, Mexico


Cancun is a perfect place for those who want to get away from all their obligations and do nothing but swim, tan, and enjoy the white sands. Cancun is also famous for its nightlife, but enjoying it right now might not be possible. Still, you can use this opportunity to get some gorgeous pictures and swim in serene stillwater reservoirs.


If you’re lucky, there’s a chance that this year will not be as crowded as usual, so you might enjoy being one of the few tourists in the area. What can be better than a deserted beach? Stay in one of the hotels facing the ocean and spend your time sightseeing. Take long walks along the coastline and check out the El Rey ruins. You can also go horseback riding, or golfing. Cancun has a lot of places to see but its main attraction is, of course, the sea.


Take your time to recharge. Pack a few good books with you to make the beach time less boring. Meet new people and explore the unknown side of Cancun!




If you want to spectate beautiful nature and get cultured at the same time, Jamaica is a place to go. The island has a rich history, long sandy coasts, and tall mountains to climb. It can please even the most spoiled traveler, offering every single activity one can think of.


If you want some chill time at the beach in the shade of palm trees, go to Negril or Montego Bay. If you’re craving adventure, climb the Blue Mountains, with their peak reaching 7402 ft. The sights there are stunning and some of the flora and fauna are exclusive to the island.


If you want to stay in Ocho Rios, take your time to explore the nearby waterfalls. There’re many to choose from, but the best ones are Dunn’s River Falls and Park, the Blue Hole, and Laughing Waters.


The people of Jamaica are incredible, too! Take your time to meet them, make friends and ask them to show you around. Jamaicans are known to be one of the friendliest people in the world, and you can experience it first-hand. Staying on the island will help you let go of all your troubles and come back to studies with a clear mind.


Wrapping Up


Spring break is one of those moments that will define your college memories for the rest of your life. Make sure that your spring vacations are all unique, fun, and adventurous! Plan this time carefully since many countries still have restrictions in place. But not even Covid can stop students from having fun.


Think about what it is that you want to do the most. If it’s tanning and swimming, go to Cancun or Jamaica; if your heart desires adventure, consider trekking in Yosemite. But if you want to just have rest and basically do nothing for a week, go see your parents. Whatever you choose, make sure you have something to remember this time by and be safe!


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