4 Best Party Ideas When Visiting Australia During a Spring Break

Hey, listen up party animals! The party never stops down in Australia. Even better, if you’re jetting in from the United States, the sun does not stop shining! Aside from the Middle East’s Emirates, Australia has arguably the coolest party destinations, which are then laden with numerous party ideas for the daring college student who’s out to have some good time for a couple of days or weeks.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Try the Dive Bars in Melbourne

Melbourne ought to be your first stop in Australia. Reason being, it has just the right combination of culture, contemporary art, and a modern atmosphere. Which, of course, is just the right recipe for exciting night-life fun.

Try Carlton Draught, for example, you will discover that it is lined with some of the best dive bars, street art and music policy you can find in a modern city. You can kick off the night with a few shots of whiskey at Bar Open before tagging your mates to Cherry Bar or Night Cat for some exhilarating live music. End the evening at the exclusive Laundry Bar (just nearby) to wrap up an otherwise unforgettable club hopping session.

2. The Beachside Bars in Sydney


It would be unfair to savor Melbourne without having a taste of Sydney too. It’s nothing short of magical and otherworldly. As much as Melbourne would trounce Sydney as far creativity goes, the latter wins hands down with its breathtaking beaches and beachside restaurants.

Speaking of which, one of the most visited and popular spots on Sydney seaside front is Bondi, which is groveling with revelers and bathers. Jacksons on George is another excellent party stop that is always open 24 hours 7 days a week. And if you still miss Melbourne’s reverberating music vibe, the Oxford Art Factory has one of the best DJ actions that you can stumble upon in an Aussie city.

3. Clubbing with Your Fellow Backpackers in Gold Coast

Gold coast is the hottest all-year-round party districts in Australia, thanks for Surfer’s Paradise and the surrounding tourist suburbs in the city. In fact, if you’re itching to hook up with your fellow backpackers and make some memories, then you’ll most likely bump into them in Gold Coast. There are almost countless nightclubs scattered here with a majority of them remaining open till late into the night. What’s more, it is also the opportune time and place to join an organized club or bar crawl such as Wicked Club Crawl and have something to write about when you go back to the US.

4. Throw a Topless Poker Party in Perth

So, you have a few bucks to spare, why not throw a topless poker party in a foreign city? After all, you’re miles away from home; the perfect setting for a bit of unforgettable naughty action, right? Head down to Perth, Australia’s most progressive city. Here you’ll be lucky enough to land premium topless poker dealers that tailor their services specifically to kind of crazy action that you’re craving for.


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