4 Secrets to Booking a Cheap Flight

Booking a cheap flight is definitely a great feeling. And is amazing when it happens. But the thing is, it doesn’t occur as often as we all would like. There are so many ways that you can score a cheaper flight, you only have to know them. Booking for months in advance is not always a good idea, in spite of the common belief. Things have changed so much lately, so there are fresh new tips and tricks that you can use. If you travel often, saving some extra money on the flight is really important. Check out these simple tips below, that will completely change the way you book your flights from now on.


Use Incognito Search

You’ve probably heard this before, but you didn’t believe it. it’s completely true that airline companies make their flights cheaper or more expensive based on the popularity of the flight. So if more people are looking at the same flight the chances are its price will go up. To avid that always use the incognito mode on your browser or a private mode. You will be checking the prices several times, sometimes even through the course of months. You really don’t want them going up, so try using this simple trick. You will be saving yourself and everyone else from additional costs.

The secret behind an incognito window is that your browser resets the cookies every time that you use one. With the regular search mode, that doesn’t happen. So all that extra information stays out there. With the private mode, the browser has no way of knowing what you searched for before.

Use Several Sites

You have to be aware that different sites will give you different fares. That’s why you have to go online and visit several search websites or apps. Some will be significantly cheaper than others. Some people think that if they use the official website of the airline, they will get the best deals. That is absolutely not true. Sometimes using a travel agency can turn out to be the best solution. A lot of travel agencies have agreements and deals with airline companies and get group discounts. That’s why their tickets are much more affordable. Skyscanner, Kayak, AirFare WatchDog, Momondo, Kiwi are just a part of the great apps you can use, to scan for the cheapest flights.


Use Connecting Flights

Connecting flight are always more affordable. Always do your own search to save some extra money. Just be careful that you plan everything perfectly. If you are traveling to a long-distance destination, for example overseas, your flight will be made of several shorter ones. Booking every flight individually is the best thing you can do. You’ll soon notice that you’re getting amazing deals and everything is less expensive.

Book Flights in January and in The Morning

According to research the best time of the day to look for cheap flights is early in the morning. But this is not necessarily always true. Sometimes it happens that airlines launch special discounts and deals during the day. But in general, morning prices are the best ones. There are several apps that can help you in finding the best time and date to search for tickets for the specific place you are traveling to. Best Time to Book is one of those.

The first two months of a year are usually the best time for booking. January and February are somehow connected to the prices of flights. This is because people spend a lot of money during the holidays, so they don’t really search for travel right after that. This is the way of airlines to keep their flights full and on demand.

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