Why You Need to Learn About Chatbots?


Chatbots are going to take over the world. Okay, so that is a little bit drastic – they are not set to wrest control from their human counterparts anytime soon. It would be more appropriate to say that they are going to take over the world of customer service.


While there are going to be times when only a real human will do, chatbots can take over a lot of customer service functions already. Businesses can plug them into their social media pages to field queries posted on those pages.


The client wins because the interaction is instantaneous – most of the time, the chatbot will have the answer for them. The company wins because many of the tedious queries that crop up time and time again are answered automatically.


The second benefit for businesses is that they know the client will get the correct answers and they know how the chatbot will react. It can only react as it has been programed to. It cannot make up answers or take a bad mood out on clients. 

Many companies like Google, Apple and even smaller businesses have started taking advantage of chatbot technology to provide superior and more reactive technical support. Even smaller companies are doing this. For example, Tj-maxx first introduced a chatbot at the end of 2016 and it has helped more than a million shoppers find what they were looking for.

While bots still can’t help you with really complex queries, they can answer simple questions just fine – and they can always forward you to a human representative if they’re unable to help you with your problem. Let’s say, for example, you were looking for a pair of sport shoes at Nordstrom. All you would need to do is to log onto their social media page and initiate a query.

You could specify size, color, and even type of shoe so that you get to see the shoes that most closely match your criteria. It’s great for you because you don’t have to wade through pages of results to find what you want.

It is great for the company because you are a lot more likely to buy if the bot can come up with some workable solutions. You get points for brilliant customer service without having to do much else.

Chatbots offer companies a unique chance to increase their value to their clients, provide excellent service, and to boost sales. Want to know how your business could benefit from the use of these clever programs? Read our infographic for the highlights.


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