These Two Reasons Why Millennials Really Use Tinder Will Shock You

Swipe left, swipe left, swipe right. Millennials swipe repeatedly on the popular mobile matching app, Tinder, except they aren’t getting lucky.

In a LendEDU survey of college students, 72% of more than 3,800 students surveyed said they hadn’t met with a match on Tinder. Only 29% had. Tinder says there are 1.4 billion swipes daily, along with 26 million matches per day.

And good luck trying to find a relationship on Tinder.

Millennials are using Tinder for reasons not even remotely close to serious dating. 44% of about 9,700 college students surveyed said they used the app for two other reasons:

1. For a confidence booster

2. To procrastinate

Less than 5% said they were looking for a relationship on Tinder, and only 22% swiped to find a hookup.

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