Sure-Fire Ways to build mobile-only websites that users love

So you are all set to make your website mobile-friendly. Why exactly is mobile-friendly website necessary you may ask? Well according to Branex UAE, co-founder, “A mobile-only website boosted our sales to around 34%.” Now you know why it is important.

With everyone busy in the mobiles every day, there is a great chance that you can use a mobile phone as a tool to leverage your business. If you ask any website design company what is the single platform that is giving most leads, the answer would be mobile-only websites.

Here are some tips that can help you create your first mobile-only website that will surely generate some solid leads.

  • Use large buttons

What is the one thing that you notice while you lay your eyes first time on the website? Buttons, yes. Big buttons matter a lot when you are planning to go for a mobile website. If the buy button is small, how will the user see and place an order on the website? You need to make big ‘order now; buttons so users don’t need to search for a call to action buttons when they are willing to place an order on the website.

  • Navigation space

There is a lot of debate on filling up all the extra space that you have on a website. Mostly it is about putting the design in a way that white space is eliminated. Make the design user-friendly, and let the user browse thewebsite with ease.

  • Intuitive design 

While you are planning for the design of your website, you need to make it clear that the design is catchy and doesn’t bore the user. You need to have some design skills to analyze the design. Don’t let the user think for a moment. You need to develop a design that is self-explanatory.

  • Keep the flow simple

When you visit a website, chances are that you will be browsing the website in a straightwayfashion. As mentioned in the previous point, don’t let your user think even for a moment what to do next. You need to keep the flow in an organized manner.

  • Integration 

The mobile users are different from desktop users. But you need to make sure that there is a connection between themobile app and the desktop version of your site. You need to connect both. There needs to be integrated into a better flow. Users need to avail this service well.

  • Easy navigation 

One of the reasons why users avoid using mobile website is that of the design. If you look at any reputable web design agency you will notice that they are using easy navigation for their design. As discussed earlier, you need to make it simple for the end-user. You cannot afford the luxury of giving away your users just because you build a complex mobile website.

  • Fast

This actually corresponds to the previous point. You need to design websites that are fast when it comes to browsing. You need to make a habit of building websites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate.

On the concluding end, you need to make sure that your website is for the user. If the user cannot browse your website, than what well is the website in the first place. You need to design & develop mobile-only websites that are easy to navigate and have the above mentioned qualities. If you are still thinking of going for a website, now is the good time to start your mobile only website.


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