SEO Is The Thing Of The Past Or Is It?

You would have heard the cliché that old is gold, haven’t you? Well, this saying holds in most spheres of life because former is rare, old is a reminiscence of the lost glory (quite often) and old is classy if not sassy.

No wonder, the antiques are auctioned at very high prices. However, when it comes to technology, old doesn’t seem to fit the bill. In today’s world, where business paradigms are changing with each new moon, it becomes necessary for technology to evolve with time; otherwise, it becomes obsolete very quickly.

The zeitgeist is against SEO

There is a word on the streets that SEO technologies have lost relevance in today’s tightly-knit cyberspace where online business is locking horns to get conversions. This is a way too generalized statement; a sweeping remark which fails to incite logic. To test the authenticity/legitimacy of this belief, we will have to inquire into the changing market trends alongside convergence of technologies which is forging a way for new models of doing business.

Unarguably, the competition among online business is growing stiffer by the day. Moreover, the evolution of new forums is making it harder for businesses to keep pace with changing customer preferences.

Marketing to millennials is a different science altogether

The attention span of customers is getting curbed, and they now have a plethora of options to choose from. This translate to that businesses has to adopt more agile tactics to entice their potential customers and persuade them to buy their product or services.

They also say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. The emerging need for aggressively pitching one’s services to relevant customers was the basis of technologies like installing the cookies in the browsers and fetching the caches to inquire about the users browsing patterns.

Desperate people do desperate things

This is perhaps the oldest spying techniques that websites use. Today, the spying has reached the next level. The cookies are the things of the past, and businesses are now using A.I to target people who are more likely to buy their products. The process through which the enterprises fetch user data is gruesome in the sense that it infringes the privacy of the customers ultimately.

The permissions (in the forms of access to certain things) which you give to the apps, much before you install them on your device are perhaps a good case in point.

Amidst all such emerging technologies, SEO might come off as vintage wagon trying to compete with a 10-second hot-hatch in a drag race. However, SEO is not an old school yet, and the truth is that it will never be.

The ultimate objective of SEO is to increase conversion on the site by diverting more and more traffic to the site organically. SEO strategies typically include via various tools such as SEM RUSH and other and publishing informational content which targeted those keywords.

Businesses have grown kind and jaded with SEO

Most SEO agencies these days are befooling their clients by doing a run of the mill SEO and covering up their inabilities employing confusing performance reports. Most SEO agencies don’t have a knack for research, and they are least bothered about the shift in the behavior of the netizens and what drives them.

Most SEO clients fail to design a blueprint after doing a critical study of:

  • Client’s business
  • The type of audience that needs to be targeted
  • The kind of content that would engage the intended audience
  • What off-page strategies would be best for growing the prospects of the business?
  • What kind of pages have higher chances of conversion
  • What type of content should be brewed to keep the customers loyal towards the client’s brand
  • How would Google’s crawler perceive the client’s website pages/blogs?
  • The key to ranking on the top page for a particular keyword (Bookmarking is the thing of the past now)

This sluggish approach has proved to be detrimental for the survival of many businesses that have fallen prey to the perpetrators who have been long disguising them as SEO professionals.

When the digital marketing universe was losing all faith in SEO, some companies emerged which restored the confidence of the people in SEO.

SEO needs to be cloaked in a different color not shrouded

SEO hasn’t lost its relevance amid emerging technologies and markets. From the economic viability point of view, ranking in the top pages of Google search results is a luxury which is second to none. If you have got webpages which rank top in the search results for particular keywords, you can always customize those pages by adding banners/widgets to your landing pages which have been designed to increase the conversion (with flashy CTAs and other elements).

It all narrows down to the right approach. The agency which is holistic in approach steers clears of all bumps and hurdles along the way to success.

One such agency is YEAH Local. It has got a very clinical approach to SEO. It is an agency which is very transparent and upright. It first discusses what the client is expecting out of its SEO operations and does a comprehensive study to figure out how it can be achieved.

It carries out a feasibility study and tells its client about the size of the budget that would be required to carry out SEO operations upfront. It never over commits regarding the time that SEO results would start to reflect.

Moreover, it has expertise in sanitizing the website and has an outreach program in place, which helps the client in strengthening its digital presence. It also helps the client with inbound marketing by creating content which persuades its readers to hop on o the next stage of the buyer’s journey.

If you want to build up a model which is more sustainable, unlike the one which is PPC oriented, you can reach out to YEAH! Local and professionals there will be happy to take your case.

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