Obtaining Valuable Information for Building a Powerful Business

Instagram continues to rank among the most popular social media sites since its inception in 2010. It currently has more than 700 million monthly active users and is no longer used only by individuals as businesses seek to claim a share of this vast market. The platform offers your business an opportunity to showcase its products and engage with its audience.

High engagement is one of the main benefits of Instagram, with well over half of its users logging into the platform on a daily basis, and 35 percent logging in more than once a day. The media-sharing app easily gives social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. a run for their money.

Creating an effective marketing strategy for Instagram

Setting up a killer business profile on Instagram is one thing. Knowing how to market your brand thereafter is another. It is important to keep in mind that Instagram is fundamentally different from the other social media platforms, so your Instagram marketing strategy should also be different. When starting out on Instagram, there are a few basics to think about.

Determine who makes up your Instagram audience

As is the case with other social media sites, you need to know exactly who makes up the audience you want to reach before embarking on an Instagram marketing campaign. A good place to get some insight is other marketing campaigns that you are running.

Considerations to make when zeroing in on your target audience on Instagram include gender, age, income, location, motivations, and interests. If you’re new to Instagram marketing and are wondering where to begin, keep track of industry-relevant hashtags as well as popular events that are closely connected to your business.

Determine which users are searching for the above hashtags and engaging with the content, and have a look at their profiles. Checking your competitors’ followers can also shed some light on the type of Instagram users that make up your target audience. Identifying your audience an earning real Instagram likes is not the mystery you made it out to be.

Conduct some competitive analysis

After determining the type of Instagram users that make up your audience, carry out a competitive analysis to find out what content businesses similar to yours are posting on the platform. It helps a lot if you know your top competitors so that you can look through their profiles.

However, if you don’t know who your main competitors are, search for popular industry- and business-specific terms and hashtags to weed out similar accounts. Review all relevant accounts to see the type of content they upload to achieve top engagement rates, the captions they use, the hashtags they attach to their posts, etc.

By carrying out extensive and targeted research, you can glean valuable information that you can use as the foundation for building a powerful profile for your business. Be keen on opportunities that your competitors failed to exploit and capitalize on them.

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