Instagram Will Now Tell You Who’s Getting Paid to Post

Website will be more transparent for celebs, influencers to identify their sponsored posts

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Instagram is creating a standardized format that should make it clearer to everyone when a post has been paid for by an advertiser. In the coming weeks, you’ll see a new “Paid partnership with” sub-header on posts and stories when a commercial relationship exists between a creators such as influencers or publishers and a business.

These aren’t for ads that businesses buy directly from Instagram, but instead for influencers and celebrities. This is where brands pay celebrities and other users with a significant online following to promote their products.

The website says the purpose for this new sub-header on posts is to strengthen relationships through shared experiences.

“The relationships people form on Instagram drive our community and make it so unique. Partnerships between community creators and businesses are an important part of the Instagram experience, and a healthy community should be open and consistent about paid partnerships,” Instagram posted to their website.

“Paid partnership with” Tagging and Insights Tool

The new tool will allow a creator to quickly tag the business they have a relationship with. The post or story will appear with a sub-header that reads “Paid partnership with,” followed by a tag to the business partner’s account. This makes the nature of the relationship more transparent for the community. When the tool is used, both the creator and business partner will have access to Insights for that post, making it easier to share how followers are engaging with these posts.

Instagram is currently testing this new tool out with select users, but at some point everyone will be required to use these tags when they use sponsored content.

Do you think this is a step in the right direction for Instagram? Do you think it shows the company is taking transparency of sponsored posts seriously? Tell us what you think.

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