5 Ways to Make Your Design Portfolio Stand Out

Digital design has evolved quite a lot from its early days. If you are planning to start a career in digital design then there is no better time to start than now. There are so many design jobs available along with freelance design jobs but you need an impressive design portfolio to be hired. Here are five ways to make your design portfolio stand in a different league.

Select a Domain and Specialize In It

Remember digital design is a vast domain, covering everything from web design to graphic design and everything in between. You need to focus on the work that you want to pursue in the future, even it means that you will have to say no to clients you have satisfied in the past with some great work. Although, there is nothing wrong if your design portfolio reflects diversity but you should not go overboard with it because it will give off a “Jack of all trade, master of none” feeling to anyone who looks at your design portfolio.

Highlight your Best Work

No all your designs should become a part of your design portfolio. Make sure that only your design masterpieces that show your design prowess should make it to your portfolio. Ram Castillo, an award winning designer sums it up brilliantly, “A portfolio is a refined and considered selection of your best work, customized to speak to the area of creativity you are applying for. It should showcase your proved abilities, examples of completed work and potential for growth.” Just like a CV, you should tailor your design portfolio to show your design expertise.

Add Personal Touch to Your Design Portfolio

Every designer is different and has a different way to visualize things. Your design portfolio is your identity and you should personalize it. That is where a creative digital agency can help you. Once you give your design portfolio a personalized touch, not only will it stand out from the crowd but also show your passion for the work.

Tell Your Story

There is no better way to differentiate your design portfolio from the rest than to tell the story behind each of your design featured in your design portfolio. You can also include some details about the design process, which can show the prospects that you can adopt and follow the workflow in an efficient manner. Add some testimonials from clients, which add weight to your portfolio. You can also use clients as a character when telling the story about your design process.

Context Is Key

 Probably the most neglected factor when it comes to design is context, which is very important to deliver a great first impression. If you are including a web design, show it on a monitor that is created to be displayed on. Similarly, if you are including a mobile app, show its image on a mobile screen to give a better idea about how does it look in an environment it is made for. Make sure that your design portfolio does not look monotonous and add designs from different platforms to show diversity.

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