3 Instagram Social Media Marketing Strategies You Can’t Miss

Instagram can be a bit mysterious for the newcomers because unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is all about images/videos and moreover, it’s mainly accessed through the mobile app. The Instagram website allows you to only view images from PC; there is no option to upload new images. So, you can understand that this social media platform mainly relies on the Gen Y as they are far more tech-savvy.  However, no brand can dare to overlook the power and reach of Instagram because this 700 million strong social media platform can boost your business revenue significantly.

Now the question is how a new brand can earn reputation, engage with thousands of potential customers, and promote its products effectively? Let’s find out.

Make hashtags a part of your strategy: Instagram is all about 3 things- image/video, a crisp text description of the content, and hashtags. Image/video displays your products or services, description explains what the product does or how the service works, and the hashtags make your image easily searchable. Suppose you have 1000 followers and you posted an image of the car you sell. Now, without the relevant hashtags such as #car, #SUV, #sedan, #cardealership etc. your posts will be seen by only those followers. On the other hand, if you use these hashtags then anyone can utilize the Instagram search tool and discover your products by searching the hashtags.

The images should match your brand vibe: You should never post random pictures on your Instagram business profile. Maintain a theme and post graphical content that connects with the consumers emotionally. For instance, instead of showing just the image of a car in the showroom, you can post a series of pictures, highlighting how real-life couples are enjoying their ride in the cars you sell. The intention is to tell the customers that you are not just selling cars; you are bringing families together and sharing happiness. This way you can get millions of followers for Instagram and build a robust brand image.

Use the right tools: Social media marketing, like any other form of marketing, needs to be judged from an objective viewpoint. You must have enough data to understand your market penetration, the loyalty of the followers, and most importantly what exactly people like about your brand. There are various tools that can help you understand how your posts are performing on Instagram. One of the best-paid tools for Instagram account analysis is Iconosquare. It allows you to check which images and videos are getting the maximum attention from the viewers and track the people who are following/unfollowing you.

Use Instagram ads: The organic reach of a brand is important but unfortunately, it takes time to be a popular brand. Therefore, it is wise to use ads on Instagram to reach the maximum number of customers. However, you must have a Facebook account to create an Instagram advertisement. Use the Power Editor or Ad Creation tool to design the advertisement.


Social media marketing is a cost-effective medium for reaching the consumers scattered across the globe. Follow the suggestions mentioned here to earn excellent ROI from Instagram marketing.


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