10 Reasons Why Students Fail in High School

Failure is the cause of a large number of mental and psychological problems in the human world. Especially when we talk about the academic sector, pupils are required to pass a large number of examinations; tests and assignments for proving their intellect and learning capabilities. But do students fail deliberately? The answer will be no in 99.99% cases.

Nobody in this world plans to fail. In high school too, students struggle hard to achieve good grades and pass their assessments with the required number of marks and scores. But many a times in spite of all the efforts getting a passing grade can be very hard.

There are many factors that can lead to the failure of students in high schools. Some of these are internal forces while others are external factors.High school is an important stage of a student’s academic life and career. A nation with high levels of high school dropouts is sure to have a low literacy rate and hence shortage of professionally qualified individuals to run their country.

It is therefore important to understand the reasons for high rates of failing grades achieved by students in this important phase of their lives. If these reasons or obstacles can be avoided, we need to execute the prevention of such failures and drive the nation to a powerful success process.Below are some reasons why students might fail in high school:

1.Inability to prepare adequately:Having a procrastinating approach towards studies often leads to less preparation of study material. The lazy and laid back attitude of students keep them away from making efforts for learning and understanding the various concepts that they might be tested upon. They are too lazy to work themselves and expect others to do their assignments and tests for them.

2.Lack of focus:In this age of information and technology, where smart devices and mobile phones are a basic necessity of the society, concentrating on studies without any distractions is quite difficult. With access to the internet 24/7, involvement in social media websites and a world of video games at their disposal, finding the time to actively study is very hard. Students fail because they are unable to focus on their studies and are distracted by these worldly activities.

3.Inability to manage timely:Time as we know is a valuable asset. Time once lost cannot be retrieved. The above two factors are both time consuming. The non-academic distractions often take up most of the time of the students. They fail to utilize time properly due to procrastination. Sometimes due to large number of academic commitments students are unable to prioritize their studies and hence lose valuable time. So students who cannot manage time properly end up failing in high school.

4.Less perseverance:Understanding the importance of hard work and dedication in life, leads to a successful academic as well as professional career. You need to take every hardship as a challenge and work on it to achieve greater success in life. Giving up on difficulties and obstacles result in failure in high school.

5.Negative attitude:Having a pessimist and negative approach towards life and its challenges is often very harmful. If students get into despair after small hiccups and mishaps in life, they start carrying a negative attitude towards everything in life. Being demotivated to study, they end up failing in high school.

6.Lack of confidence:The excessive use of internet and social media websites is taking students towards a life of isolation and anti-social activities. The number of introvert students is on the rise. Such students lack confidence to deal with others and have low self-esteem. They do not have faith in their own capabilities and refuse to take help from teachers and peers.

7.Over confidence:Just like experts suggest lack of confidence lead to failure, so does possession of over confident personality. Being overly sure about your skills and knowledge, a student is unable to study to his or her optimal level and end up failing in exams.

8.Lack of critical thinking capability:High school syllabic and examinations require a student to have a certain level of thinking and critical reasoning capabilities. Students with in adequate intellect and analytical skills often fail to perform in school and college.

9.Fear of failure:If a student gets intimidated with the very thought of failure, he or she will develop a lifelong fear and will fail to perform adequately.

10.Carelessness:Some students merely fail because of a careless mindset. They do not give the due importance to their studies.

Author Bio:The writer Peter Willis is a student of Psychology and blogger. He mostly writes about educational issues.


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