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    Prepackaged Pasta and a Pop Tart

    Spending a lot of my time at a computer and writing, one of my past times to take my mind off things is Youtube. I follow videos from various places from wrestling, cats, and various other places. One of those channels I like is from Steve1989MREInfo. He posts videos reviewing MRE’s or as they are […] More

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    Killing Time By Looking Back Through It

    Sometimes you just have to take a break. Whether you have to sit at a computer for work, studying, or whatever else, your brain sometimes needs to shift gears and take a load off what you are thinking about. There are many things to divert your time and attention away but one of my favorites […] More

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    The Crazy Youtube World of Mike Jeavons

    The internet is full of people who give their opinions. It is what helps make the internet what it is, for better or worse. No matter the subject, there always seems to be a voice liking or disliking something everywhere you turn. But in that lies education to make decisions of your own. Is this […] More

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    Making Money From Youtube

    As the Internet world grows and we get more connected every day, more and more new ways of making money online appear and everyone is fighting to get their opportunity at it. Some of those who tried and succeeded find themselves on the top of the list for most profitable businesses and alongside the work […] More

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    One look at the lighter side of Cosplay

    He is a blend of a cosplayer and a performance artist. He may sometime look like a goof or someone who really oversteps his bounds, but actually is someone who knows very well what he is doing and treats people around him with a lot of respect. Most only know him as D-Piddy, a masked […] More

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    5 Internet cats to waste away your day

    People like cats on the Internet. They are cute, they are entertaining, and most importantly they are someone else’s mess to clean up and feed. It’s the best of being a cat owner without all the fuss and hard work of having a little furball begging for a bite out of every meal and leaving […] More

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    Making 1700's living entertaining on YouTube.

    It seems when anyone talks about YouTubers nowadays it is something negative. It is either about the video site’s Algorithms or the robotic way it tries to enforce copyright to an insane degree, or it is someone using racism and offensive material as “humor” or ways of getting people’s attention, and many times those people […] More

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    20 Viral Videos of the Web That You Need to Experience!

    YouTube has been around for a decade and there’s no shortage of viral video clips on the video-sharing website! Here’s our favorite 20 viral videos that you need to experience! #1 – Grape Lady Falls Go to 1:00 and enjoy! #2 – Star Wars Kid Walk the other way if you see this kid on […] More

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    Wiz Khalifa tops Gangnam Style YouTube Record

    Move over, Gangnam Style. YouTube has a new top-viewed video of all time. Wiz Khalifa’s video for See You Again featuring Charlie Puth is now the site’s most-watched video, with more than 2.9 billion views Tuesday. Moved from first place and now 2 million less views than the new leader is Korean rapper Psy’s 2012 viral hit Gangnam Style. Justin Bieber’s Sorry is now […] More

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    Here’s How to Crush It With YouTube Influencers

    It’s no secret most traditional online marketing tactics just don’t work anymore. Google’s Display Benchmarks Tool shows the average click-through rate of standard display ads clock in at 0.06 percent, and 47 percent of consumers employ ad blocking technology, as noted by the Reuters Institute. These trends pose significant challenges to online marketers and underscore the […] More