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    The WWE's issue with using Moolah

    For us wrestling fans, this time of year has most of us focused on the WWE’s biggest event, Wrestlemania. I wrote a little bit about that recently. But to say the “Road to Wrestlemania” is the focus of not only the WWE itself but most of the wrestling world is not an understatement. And then […] More

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    What is this Bullet Club anyway?

    They are popping up everywhere. These black T-shirts with pictures and writing in a white font saying “Bullet Club” on them. So what the heck is “The Bullet Club”? Is it a clothing line? A reference to a TV show? Some musical act? It’s none of those. It’s the wrestling business. The Bullet Club comes […] More

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    Is the WWE 2k franchise worn out?

    It seems like an annual tradition now for WWE wrestling fans that in the later months of every year right before Christmas that the WWE releases the newest edition of it’s WWE 2k video game franchise. Commercials will have hyped it up for months and the day it is released people will flock to stores […] More