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    Steel Abs: Get Them Showing in Time for Spring

    You are working out hard every single day, you’re trying to eat properly, but you’re still not getting the results you want?! Well there is a lot more to it than it looks like. Getting those abs showing can be extremely difficult, especially for ladies. But don’t let me discourage you! Instead, I will share […] More

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    9 Must Have Gym Bag Essentials

    There are a number of things I personally think everyone both male and female would benefit from if they had them in their gym bags at all times. These are a collection of things that are easily bought and offer a whole new gym experience. In fact, most of the items I mention I would […] More

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    10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym

    1.) Set a picture of what you want yourself to look like as the background on your phone. We are all constantly looking at our phones. If we set a picture on our phones of what we want to look like it will remind us of where we want to be multiple times throughout the […] More

  • Memorial Day Workout 2017: Murph

    Memorial Day Workout 2017: Murph

    Memorial Day Workout 2017: Murph The three day weekend at the end of May is not just for barbecues and time at the beach with family and friends. It’s a National holiday to recognize the men and women who have served and paid the ultimate price of sacrificing their lives for our country. The “Murph” […] More

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    Incline Pushup Workout

    This 5-minute workout will supersize your chest, arms, and shoulders. Supersetting the following exercises will give you a massive pump in a super short amount of time. And because of the high volume of work, just 10-25 pound dumbbells should get the job done. Perform the exercises below in the order listed for 30 seconds […] More

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    The Benefits of Exercise While in College

    The Benefits of Exercise While in College The demands of being a college student can be high and can be very stressful and exercise one of the best ways to deal with this. This exercise can really be anything that gets your body moving for a defined period of time. It could be walking, running, […] More