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    Favorite Mods to Fallout 4

    With E3 ending on a happy note, speculation begins now on WHEN is stuff coming out, instead if just What is coming out. As I covered before, the Bethesda massive hit game Fallout will be introducing it’s successor Fallout 76 later this November. I am a huge Fallout fan going back to Fallout 3 and […] More

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    The Weekly News Round Up

    It’s nearing the end of another week and once again a lot of news has crossed these eyes. A lot of that is the more boring and mainstream stuff, but if you are reading this, where is the fun in that? One of the biggest stories this week is Roseanne and the cancellation of her […] More

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    4 Gadgets we had for the Original Nintendo

    The Nintendo Entertainment System. For many, it was the first video game system they had, or it took their current one at the time and blew it away. Games like Legend of  Zelda, Duck Hunt, Punch Out (with either Mike Tyson or Mr. Dream) and the Super Mario series were the It thing back in […] More

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    How Video Games Can Be Anime Like Final Fantasy and Xenosaga

    The search for good anime can be tough.  A good way to find anime is to look at popular video games and see if that video game has become animated.  Sometimes you’ll find live action movies instead of animation, like in the case of Mortal Kombat, but sometimes you’ll find an animated series.  Two video’s […] More

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    5 Relaxing Games for When Life Gets Too Stressful (Open list) (5 submissions)

    Let’s be real, life is exhausting. With homework, exams around the corner, college applications, and a ton of extra-curricular activities filling up your day planner, sometimes a kick-back session with your favorite video games can be just the thing you need to unwind. But sometimes, even your favorite online multiplayer games can be too taxing: […] More

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    How to Stay Confident and Tackle These 10 Teenage Troubles

    Life is not fair, dudes. No one can understand you. Many people around you, including your parents, have no freaking idea but tell you what to do constantly. No one is there when you make a meaningful discovery. No one really can get into your situation and realize why you feel this way. Then, there […] More

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    Game Developers Mixed About Nintendo Switch

    The Nintendo Switch video game console, which will launch next March.(Photo: Nintendo) Half of game developers believe Nintendo’s Switch video game console will outsell the Wii U, but are unsure whether the device’s hybrid concept will attract consumers. The sentiments come from a State of the Industry survey ahead of next month’s Game Developers Conference […] More

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    10 Video Games to Watch in 2017

    A scene from the game ‘Cuphead.’(Photo: Microsoft) It’s a new year, which means new video games to stoke our excitement. This year, we also get two more home consoles, Nintendo’s Switch and Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, a souped-up version of the Xbox One supporting native 4K resolutions and virtual reality. While we wait for fresh hardware, […] More

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