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  • food delivery robots



    Food Delivery Robots Are Coming!

    Brace yourself people– the food delivery robots are coming! And they’ll be carting piping hot pizzas to Domino’s customers. ? Domino’s has just inked a partnership with Starship Technologies to begin using its “personal delivery devices” this summer in Hamburg, Germany. If all goes well there, Domino’s and Starship intend to bring robot pizza delivery […] More

  • samsung gear vr

    10 of the Best Smartphone Accessory Deals on Amazon

    Whether you’re Android or iOS, everyone needs a few good accessories if they want the most out of their smartphone. That could mean grabbing a solid pair of wireless headphones for those iPhone 7 owners, an external battery pack for those long trips around town, or maybe you have a Samsung phone (please, for your own safety, not the Note 7) and […] More

  • cyber criminals
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    Cyber Criminals Are Sharing Millions of Stolen University Email Credentials

    The Digital Citizens Alliance is reporting evidence showing threats of numerous kinds — including hacktivists, scam artists and terrorists — putting credentials including e-mails and passwords up for sale, trade, or even free giveaway. It’s all happening on the dark web, a highly decentralized digital space where the buying and selling of goods, services and […] More

  • internship through snapchat

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    This Student Just Got His Internship Through Snapchat

    For San Francisco State University sophomore Lan Paje, receiving a position required some creativity. And Snapchat. “In total, I applied to around 10 organizations,” Paje told USA TODAY College in an email. “Since I was studying two different fields [computer science and journalism], I created two resumes, and applied for front-end software engineering and editorial positions.” One […] More

  • Elon Musk’s tunnel boring company



    Elon Musk’s tunnel boring company

    Elon Musk’s tunnel boring company still isn’t quite as well-articulated as his other three companies, which include the well-established SpaceX and Tesla, as well as the newly minted Neurolink brain interface company. The Boring Company has by far the punniest name, however, and now it also has some branded hardware — an industrial tunnel boring […] More

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