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    Best Tips to Make Your Academic Performance Better

    (Best Tips to Make Your Academic Performance Better) Every student wants to achieve great results at college and graduate with honors. It’s basically the goal of your academic studies. And because college affects every student’s future career, it’s necessary to invest time and effort into your studies. But how do you actually study smarter, instead […] More

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    10 Tips to Make Studying Easier

    It’s time to study. The problem you have is that it seems to take hours of effort to retain just a little bit of information. You’re not alone. Many students complain that they work hard at studying, but don’t get the results they need in order to be successful. You might be studying hard, but […] More

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    Top Study Apps for College Students

    We understand that you are a college student or you soon to be. You are on a budget, but you need various tools during your study to assist you through the course. Some of the best things to use are usually very useful such as While others may say that the brain is the […] More

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    Going Back To University As A Mature Student

    Going Back To University As A Mature Student By YOUniversityTV – Going back to university as a mature student can be daunting. From making sure your bills continue to be paid, to that nagging feeling you might not “fit in” amongst a sea of millennial teens. Heading back to complete your education is often seen […] More

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    Five Tips for Crushing Your Finals Problems

    By Steve Conklin, YOUniversityTV – With the semester quickly coming to a close, there is one last thing standing between you and that final grade you’ve been working so hard for. Finals week is dreadful for some students, but our friends at are here to help! With some preparation and good study habits, you can crush your finals! […] More

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    Top 10 Must Know Study Tips for Busy College Students

      As tertiary education is now seen as a ticket to better employment opportunities, research shows that 42% of all college students in America have to juggle between school and family or work responsibilities. While many of these non-traditional students believe that school should always be top priority, their personal circumstances prevent them from fully […] More

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