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  • Most Common Packing Mistakes Students Do
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    Most Common Packing Mistakes Students Do

    The first day of college is almost here, which means you have to pack. But have you thought about what you should and shouldn’t take? Students tend to make a lot of packing mistakes because they don’t know what to expect. First of all, you have to keep in mind that you’ll be sharing the […] More

  • Best Student Blogs You Have To Know (1)
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    Best Student Blogs You Have To Know

    Every student is in the need of fun blogs to read in their spare time. Going through college years is definitely not an easy experience at all times. There will be moments when you feel like you just want to pack your bags and go home. Those are the days when you could use some […] More

  • gi fellowship personal statement
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    8 Most Wanted Skills Every Student Should Have

    Traditionally, education has emphasised arithmetic, writing and reading. However, with the various technological advancements, we are making, educators have a new task of preparing students to meet the needs of a world that is yet to exist. Though, our primary modes of assessment still depend on assessing the thinking skills of a student at the […] More

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    The Student Ambience: Apartment Incorporated with Motivation

    Let’s face it! When being a student, you spend most of your time in your apartment or dorm room whether you like to admit it or not. It’s not just a place where you can sleep and socialize, but most importantly, study as well. Since many experts claim that the student ambience could influence your […] More

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    Best Free Study Tools for Students in 2018

    With the ever-rising need to study outside of the regular academic curriculum, students are often left lost as to which tools they should use. The internet is a vast place with a plethora of choices when it comes to study tools, but not all of them are of equal quality or provide what they initially […] More

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    6 Reasons Why Students Should Blog

    Our life is officially overtaken by the Internet and social media. All of us spend literally hours in a day staring at our phones or laptops. So if you are already doing it, why not make some money. Blogging is the profession of the future, so if you want a fun, exciting career, you can start […] More

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    The Greatest Apps for Teaching Students English

    In a world of digital learning, great apps exist for all kinds of students and for all ages. Language learning is one of the sectors that have benefited extensively from modernization. While the classroom experience and the direct contact with students is an incredibly important part of the process, you can benefit from the new […] More

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    Roommates are Coming! 5 Pivotal Rules to Set Up For Peaceful Liv

    Roommates are both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you’re getting someone to split expenses with. On the other hand, you’re losing some of your freedom in your own living quarters. If you don’t approach the situation with the right attitude, roommates can quickly become a nightmare. It’s important to establish a few […] More

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    6 the Best Start-Up Opportunities for Graduated Students

    There is no better time to start a start-up than during graduate school. That’s because the facilities available are second to none. What’s more, universities are always seeking the reputational boost of having the next big thing come from among their ranks. For this reason, they’ll often make resources available to you that you’d have […] More

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    College Preparation Guide For Beginners

    Everyone feels happy when they get the chance to move higher in life, and stepping out from high school to college is one big accomplishment for students. Looking at things from another perspective, gaining admission to college is not all that counts. In reality, what counts is the student’s grade at the end of the […] More

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