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    Check Out ‘Dem Chompers On This Penguin!

    Check out ‘dem chompers! What might look like teeth inside this penguin’s mouth are actually backward-shooting fleshy spines lining the inside of their beak. These act like lanes that help penguins funnel their prey along their digestive track. Teeth or no teeth, we hope to never have to experience the inside of that! If you […] More

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    Gorgeous Jellyfish

    Never has something that could hurt you so bad looked so good! This gorgeous jellyfish is the bluebottle, and is actually composed of several different organisms called zooids that cooperate to serve different functions. One of those functions might be outstretching the tentacles to catch prey and then gobble it up. AMAZING!! Photo Cred: Matt […] More

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    Praying Mantis: Expert Balancer

    How very zen. Not only is the praying mantis an expert balancer, it can also turn its neck 180 degrees to scout for prey. Their two compound eyes and three simple eyes also aid in the hunting process. Photo cred: Nordin Seruyan If you enjoy the content please Share it and Follow Us through social […] More

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    Wanna Go To Space?! Check Out What NASA Released

    Mars recruitment posters encouraging people to apply for future missions! Although the first manned missioned to Mars is still a few years away, NASA is already looking for people who would be interested in traveling to the Red Planet. Recently, NASA released eight, retro-style posters recruiting explorers, farmers, surveyors, technicians and teachers. All of the […] More

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    Charles R. Drew University

    Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) is a private, nonprofit, nonsectarian, medical and health sciences institution. Located in the Watts-Willowbrook area of South Los Angeles, Charles R. Drew University has graduated more than 550 medical doctors, 2,500 post-graduate physicians, more than 2,000 physician assistants and hundreds of other health professionals. CDU has earned […] More

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    Quick Facts: Geoscientists 2012 Median Pay $90,890 per year $43.70 per hour Entry-Level Education Bachelor’s degree Work Experience in a Related Occupation None On-the-job Training None Number of Jobs, 2012 38,200 Job Outlook, 2012-22 16% (Faster than average) Employment Change, 2012-22 6,000 What Geoscientists Do Geoscientists study the physical aspects of the Earth, such as […] More

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