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    7 Tips for Finding a Great College Roommate

    Plan Ahead—there’s one key factor that can lead to a very difficult living situation and that’s a lack of planning. Whether you choose your own roommate or leave it to the school to decide, make sure you communicate with your future roommate before move-in day. Even if you’re friends, you need to make sure you’re […] More


    Good Roommate versus Bad Roommate in College

    Good Roommate versus Bad Roommate in College By Maria Fernanda Rada, YOUniversityTV Contributing Student Writer, Lynn University – I hope you choose a good roommate because this is the one person you will see, hear, and smell the most in the next four year of your life. Roommates can be hard to deal with. You […] More

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    How to Deal With Freshman Year Problems

    A student’s freshman year in college is often exciting; a new experience that involves either living away from home or commuting. Students who live on-campus either adjust well to this new atmosphere or don’t feel a fit and end up transferring or dropping out. There are several problems that may arise during a student’s freshman […] More

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    Why Your College Roommate Knows You Better Than Anyone

    The bond you have with you college roommate is stickier than the floor of your college bar. But, what exactly makes this bond so deep? Is it the late-night shenanigans and top-secret memories you’ve made, shared over warmed up leftovers and swore to never use as blackmail? Or maybe it’s the secret code of looks and quotes no […] More

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    Using Twitter To Find A College Roommate

    Using Twitter To Find A College Roommate Thank you Twitter, for helping me find a roommate. I will admit, I am a procrastinator 12 months out of the year. During the summer, however, I am 10x worse. And that is why last summer, I found myself thinking about how there were only three months until […] More