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    The Weekly News Round Up

    Hello, again readers and hope you are having a good Friday (or whatever day for you if reading this a little late). July is still bringing the heat, but it’s Friday so I am bringing you the news Round up of stories found around the internet. Adrian Cronauer, DJ played by Robin Williams in “Good […] More

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    The Wildest Wrestling Match you will ever see!

    Pro Wrestling, for all its drama, can put on some wild shows. Sure, the outcomes are usually known ahead of time and people aren’t trying to kill off anyone else, but short of that thing can get really creative. This one ranks right up there as The Wildest Wrestling Match I’ve seen. The recent passing […] More

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    Are people ready for a Hulk Hogan return?

    In the world of pro wrestling, the name Hulk Hogan still carries a lot of weight. Starting in January 1984, the name Hulk Hogan was the top of the heap of the WWF during the 80’s wrestling boom and the big expansion of pro wrestling into the popular culture. Wrestling and even Hulk Hogan had […] More

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    4 Things Missed at Wrestlemania

    With the biggest show in professional wrestling coming very soon, memories of one of entertainments biggest yearly events come to mind. Longtime fans or those who love older wrestling event from days gone by may see things from past events that don’t seem to happen anymore. Here are 4 things that used to be part […] More