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  • taking-the-finals

    Five Tips for Crushing Your Finals Problems

    By Steve Conklin, YOUniversityTV – With the semester quickly coming to a close, there is one last thing standing between you and that final grade you’ve been working so hard for. Finals week is dreadful for some students, but our friends at are here to help! With some preparation and good study habits, you can crush your finals! […] More

  • Choosing-Topic

    Life Changing Essay Topic Generation Tool

    Choosing a topic can be a daunting task when you need one that is neither too broad nor too narrow to meet the desired requirements. In my first year in college I encountered difficulties while writing on life-changing essays that were factual, given that the format did not necessarily have to be persuasive or argumentative. […] More

  • female-writing-essay

    15 Educational Online Tools to Improve Essay Writing Skills

    15 Educational Online Tools to Improve Essay Writing Skills As the courses you take throughout your studies get more advanced, you will need to complete more complex assignments, papers, research projects, and other types of academic content. There is no miracle that will help you avoid writing essays in high school, college, and university. Every […] More