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  • students miss college

    14 Things Students Miss About College in the Summer

    Ah, college. The best years of your life. But going home for the summer often feels like leaving a party early, and that’s partly because there’s so much to life at college that there’s always something for you to miss. For some people, it’s the nightlife. For others, it’s the structure and the freedom from […] More

  • living with a college roommate

    5 Basic Rules to Survive Living With a College Roommate

    I like saying that those who haven’t lived in a dorm weren’t really students. Most of my fun and sad stories comes from my college years and particularly from my dorm life. I’ve been lucky to have Kathy as my roommate for 4 years. But although we are best friends till today, we weren’t much […] More

  • college students listen to music

    How College Students Listen to Music; Very Interesting Trends

    How did music fit into your school year? Did you listen to music at parties? During study sessions? To relax? While exercising? Trying to fall asleep? Spotify took a peek at U.S. college students’ music listening behaviors and found some pretty interesting trends. (And it’s not just the biggest schools that streamed the most music, […] More

  • fraternity brotherhood

    5 Ways to Strengthen Fraternity Brotherhood

    If you’re anything like me, the main reason we joined a fraternity was for the brotherhood. Each fraternity and each chapter has a different kind of brotherhood. No matter what level of brotherhood your fraternity is on, it is important to maintain and grow it. So what happens when brotherhood starts to fade away? I’ve […] More

  • bentley university
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    Surviving Freshman Year at Bentley University

    I am currently going to be a senior at Bentley University in Waltham, MA, so I have a lot of experience and know how things work at Bentley. As a freshman at Bentley University you will be living in the Tree Dorms, Slade Hall, or Miller Hall. If you have a choice I would highly […] More

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    Dorm Shopping Cheap Essentials

    Let’s go shopping!! Dorm shopping is my favorite kind of shopping! Come with me as I go to Dollar Tree, 5 Below, and Target to shop for my sophomore year of college at OSU on a budget! I share with you some insider tips on how to dorm shop without breaking the bank!   More

  • college student choosing major
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    What Are the Most Common Problems Students Face at College

    Having worked with many thousands of students at – and beyond – many colleges and universities both in the United Kingdom and more internationally, I have seen at first hand many of the most common problems that students experience and also been involved in their resolution so I feel that I am able to provide […] More

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