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  • winning a scholarship

    How to Boost Your Chances of Winning a Scholarship

    Before or after winning a Scholarship by the time you’re a junior or senior in high school, you most likely have already begun to have faith in whether or not you’ll be able to afford to travel to varsity, and, if so, how you’ll pay money for it. Some colleges or universities may be a […] More

  • female-writing-essay

    7 Things You Should Never Write in Your College Application Essay

    Daunting as they may be, college application essays are a necessary evil for every student hoping to get into their dream university. College admission essays are a way for students to stand out from a sea of applicants and showcase to admissions recruiters their work ethic as well as their writing skills. Most students make […] More

  • college student choosing major

    To Major Or Not To Major?

    Imagine. You’re sitting in the computer lab at your school taking a career aptitude test. Why these are still required, you do not know, but you don’t complain because you’re getting out of analyzing Romeo and Juliet for the class period. After what feels like thousands of yes/no questions you are finally shown the perfect […] More

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    What You Need To Know About The College Application

    What You Need To Know About The College Application By Maria Fernanda Rada, YOUniversityTV – First and foremost, your high school transcript is the most important piece of any college application. How you perform as a student is a college is best indicator of how you will fare at their campus. Colleges evaluate your transcript […] More

  • college-application-girl

    Avoid These 7 Frequently-Made Mistakes in Your College Applications!

    When filling out multiple college applications, they can all begin to blend together, and you may find that each application and each college starts to look like the other. Be vigilant so you don’t make careless mistakes that will affect your admission changes. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly made mistakes […] More

  • girl-writing-essay

    5 Tips for Presenting Yourself in an College Application Essay

    5 Tips for Presenting Yourself in an Application Essay Who said applying to college was easy? First come the SATs, then the college visits, then the narrowing down of which schools to apply to, the coordination of the application deadlines and the application itself. Which includes the application essay. Gulp. An original piece of writing […] More

  • college-student-writing

    10 Tips for Writing a Killer College Application Essay

    10 Tips for Writing a Killer College Application Essay Writing a college application essay may strike fear in the hearts of many, but a good essay can take an application from solid to outstanding. Make the process less stressful, and maybe even fun, by employing these tips: 1. Start Early Juniors, start your essay over […] More

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