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    These Celebrities Have Spent Time In Jail

    Celebrities live under the wake lenses of paparazzi at all times. That is why every single detail of their lives is public. They make mistakes just like any other human being. The only difference is that it all happens in front of everyone. Did you know that many celebrities have been in jail for crimes […] More

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    These Are The Richest Actors In The World

    People can get rich in so many ways. But the entertainment industry is the one that brings the big cash. Popular actors and actresses earn so much that it’s even hard to follow. Just a single successful project can bring them millions. All of the stars below have worked for decades and are already iconic […] More

  • Male Celebrities Who Dated Significantly Younger Women elvis priscilla presley

    Male Celebrities Who Dated Significantly Younger Women

    It seems that male celebrities are obsessed with dating younger women. Some of them even went to the extreme of being with under-aged girls. You’ve probably forgotten that these couples even existed. Check out some of the strangest, and most interesting relationships that will have you more than surprised.   Elvis Presley The king of […] More

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    The World Mourns The Death Of Mac Miller

    The famous US rapper Mac Miller passed away at 26. According to reports, he died as a result of an overdose. Born as Malcolm James McCormick, Mac rose to fame back in 2011. At this moment there is no additional information on what exactly caused the death of the star. His family issued a statement […] More

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    Iconic Actor Burt Reynolds Dies At 82

    The Hollywood iconic actor Burt Reynolds passed away at the age of 82. The legend suffered a heart attack at the Jupiter Medical Centre in Florida, yesterday on September 6. Reynolds went into cardiac arrest and medical professionals performed CPR for quite a while. According to his agent Todd Eisner, he was surrounded with the […] More

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    Craziest Fan Theories Of All Times

    Celebrities sure do have an impact on our lives in ways that we can’t even imagine. We constantly read about them on social media, follow what they post and know details about their private lives. Throughout the years, we’ve read so many news that is not true, but there are the ones that are completely […] More

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    Celebrity Ladies Who Earn More Than Their Celebrity Husbands

    We are all strangely obsessed with celebrities and everything related to them. Celebrity couples are even more fun. Peeking into someone’s life and knowing details you simply don’t need to know is oddly satisfying. We have access to strange and personal information including their salaries. To celebrate International Women’s Day, I decided to put together […] More

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