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    Top Most In-Demand Skills For 2019

    Before enrolling college there is one thing you really need to think about. It’s really great if you know what you want to be in life, but there are certain factors you need to consider. These days looking for jobs, applying and getting one is completely different from the past. Students tend to research the […] More

  • The Most Romantic Cities To Visit For Valentine’s Day 2019 paris

    The Most Romantic Cities To Visit For Valentine’s Day 2019

    Valentine’s Day is one of the most beautiful holidays in a year. It is the day when we celebrate love in all shapes and forms. This holiday becomes even better when you can take a short trip and enjoy it in an amazing city. We did a little research to figure out which are the […] More

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    The Best New Year’s Eve Celebrations For 2019 In The World

    New Year’ Eve is a time when everyone has something to celebrate. It marks the start of a new year when people set new goals and think of new wishes. While some decide to attend parties in clubs, others stay in the warmth of their home. The biggest cities in the world plan mind-blowing New […] More

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    General Motors announces a rough year for 2019

    General Motors, a long time name in American car production, announced that will end production on 6 car brands. The automakers have said they are ending the production of six of their sedan style cars as they blame consumers wanting Trucks, SUVs, Hatchbacks, and Crossover style vehicles and that sedan cars have fallen out of […] More

  • Spice Girls Announce Reunion Tour in 2019
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    Spice Girls Announce Reunion Tour in 2019

    The word is out! After months of speculation, the ladies finally confirmed the news. One of the most iconic music groups of all times, the Spice Girls will be doing a tour. Although the rumor was that the members couldn’t come to an agreement, they actually did. The only difference is that you can expect […] More