A look at the big tournament going on right now!

With much of the world’s attention right now devoted to soccer right now, you can not forget the annual sports event that happens every summer, Tennis’s Wimbledon. The event is a series of tennis Tournaments that happen every July, and they get Television and sports coverage, even if it has been taking back seat to the big soccer tournament in Russia right now.

Wimbledon has a lot of history behind it as this year is the 132nd year the event is taking place. This year’s event started on July the 2nd and goes every day until July 15. During that time big tennis tournaments are held. But as it is, the men’s, women’s, and the pairs tournaments are the ones the get the most coverage. ESPN covers it, along with network coverage in the United States. And the coverage usually goes for a hefty price as well, so while Tennis isn’t the biggest sport in the US, someone must be watching for that kind of money.

Speaking of money, winners do pretty well for themselves. The winners in the singles division bring in £2,250,000. which converted over to American dollars comes out to a shade under 3 million bucks! Heck, you get the equivalent of $51,000 if you win in the first round featuring 128 tennis players from around the world. If you are starting out with 128 and giving $51,000 to start, they can’t be messing about.

Besides the men and women that get most of the attention, there is competition in pairs (Both men and women), a mixed pairs tournament, and competition for younger players under 18 years old, and even competitions for those who are with wheelchairs. So, while the singles tournaments get most of the attention, a lot who takes a swing at the fuzzy ball gets in on the action.

The location also plays a big part in the event. Every year the tournaments are held at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club and on grass court held in open air. Now, if a 128 person  tournaments of tennis sounds like it may take some time, there are MANY courts to play going on at the same time. 18 of those courts are tournament grade (along with 15 other courts that aren’t part of the event) and along with that, the location in London also has 22 grass courts that are mostly used as practice during the big events like this. The biggest place at the ground is Center Court, a Tennis arena that houses the finals as is the marquee place of Wimbledon. This place was first opened in 1922 and holds over 14,900 people. It even has a retractable roof that was added in 2009.

When you start crunching the numbers, you can see what goes into such an event, even if the sport isn’t the biggest in the world. Any tournament that brings together 128 of the world’s best players and offers you that kind of money should stand for something important.

And with over hundred years of competition, it had a lineage that also stands s for something. So while it may not bring in the numbers like the Superbowl does, the two weeks of Tennis’s top competition means something that ESPN thinks it is worth all this coverage and means something in sports too.

Even if you don’t watch a single match, something like this shouldn’t be put on the back burner either. Check it out and see what it can offer.

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