TSU Football Player Rushed to Surgery after Head Injury

TSU Football linebacker Christion Abercrombie passes out and rushed to Surgery

College Football linebacker Christion Abercrombie was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center after suffering what appears to be a head injury during the football game between Abercrombie’s Tennessee State Tigers and the local Vanderbilt Commodores.

It was said the injury occurred sometime before halftime on Saturday. Tennessee State head coach Rod Reed said that “He came to the sideline and just kind of collapsed there.”

“Immediately, you go into concussion protocol at that point,” Reed said. “He was removed from the game and as they were taking him into the locker room he collapsed and the EMTs took over from there.”

Abercrombie was given oxygen soon after and was treated by trainers and medical personnel before being carried out on a stretcher. It was learned later that he was sent into surgery. What the injury was or what he had surgery on was not discussed and has not been released as of yet. No updates have been giving by either Vanderbilt Medical Center or Tennessee State on what caused the event or how Abercrombie was doing medically after the surgery.

It is being reported that Abercrombie came to the sideline after a routine tackle and complained to trainers about having a headache before he collapsed. Video of the game showed the tackle Abercrombie took was said to be “Nothing Dirty” and was a clean football hit during a game. It has not been said who from the other team was involved in the tackle. With a person from Tennessee State saying it was a clean hit, it does not look like they are blaming anyone for the injury.

Vanderbilt was quick to send out a tweet that quoted from Tennesee State asking for prayers and to give a small update on Abercrombie.

Vanderbilt Football on Twitter

Our thoughts are with the Abercrombie family, their friends and the entire Tennessee State community during this difficult time. https://t.co/iTLEp8A5EN


As seen in the tweet Vanderbilt has said their thoughts are with  Abercrombie, his friends, family, and Tennessee State, during this time.

Abercrombie is a Sophmore for Tennessee State and this was his first season as a football player. He had transferred from Illinois previously. During the game Saturday, he scored 5 tackles before leaving the game. He currently has a season total of 18 Tackles. He was listed as a redshirt status, meaning he could attend classes and be part of the team, but his actual game time played is limited. The details of his redshirt status and how many games he could actually play was not made public.

While concussion protocol was adhered to during the game itself, now that he has come out of some sort of life-saving head surgery, TSU football officials wouldn’t be in a huge rush to put him back on the field. Details of what the actual injury was and how it was treated during the surgery would probably be more of a clue of what his future will hold as a football player, a student, and in his recovery and life. The best is hoped for all the well in the road ahead.

Similar events have happened in other spots in history. College Basketball player Hank Gathers collapsed during a game for his Loyola Marymount University team and passed away after a heart attack that was caused by medication issue in March of 1990. Japanese professional wrestler Katsuyori Shibata collapse backstage after a match in what turned out to be a subdural hematoma. The injury required emergency surgery and ended Shibata’s wrestling career. He is now a trainer at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s dojo.

The 3-2 Vanderbilt Commodores won the game over the  2-1 Tennessee State Tigers with a score of 31-27 but with this story, the results of the game seem less relevant now as the story of the game is Christion Abercrombie and his condition after the game and the surgery he had afterward.

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