The New Problems of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

It Just Never Stops

It’s an image that we have all grown up with of the magnificent Summer Olympic games being the grandiose stage were heroes are made and stories of both good and bad are told for generations. Heros and Goats are made that last for lifetimes because who actually cares about the people we see on TV, this is about “us” and national pride more than any single person.

Dude is still a hero but OUCH!

And for a long time now we also know that the picturesque images sent to the world and remembered in time have a lot more to say then what was explained at the time. Take the 2020 Summer Olympic Games being held in Tokyo. It seems like from the inset, these games have been besieged by problems. There was that comparison to a certain famous Anime and Manga that many people (including myself) love to joke about. When the imagery was made it was called a shame and a rip off of other artists before being replaced, and there was also that whole thing about the big areas of the games looking like Training Toilets and Swimming helmets before THAT had to be redone as well. All the time, costs are skyrocketing and costing those in charge a whole lot of money. So we are a year and change outside from this even beginning so what else can go wrong?

Jeez, what can go wrong?

The money. Specifically the ticket prices for some of the big events.

Mako has money

Yup. Some of the first announcement of some of Tokyo’s ticket prices and they are not cheap events. Pricing has it that the Opening Ceremonies in Tokyo will cost you 288,000 yen (roughly US$2,640). That is per TICKET. Track and field at the Tokyo Games are going around 108,000 yen (around $980 American bucks). The Tokyo Paralympics are going for cheaper prices, only around US $1,300 a ticket. Of course, there are a lot of people who are not happy. And I am left to wonder why?

The Olympics, whether Summer of Winter, are big-time events with people all over the world wanting to see them. Heck, even just the Television rights for the Games are insane amounts of pricing. The Games have NEVER been that cheap, to begin with so why are people surprised that the show being held in over a year was going to be any different?

More Money!

The Olympics are often times money traps for the hosts of the games. More often than not those who have hosted the Olympic games face mounting costs for years, abandoned land space, and a lot of buildings that have no use after 2 weeks, let along keep themselves going for years afterward.

Kind of a dump

ALL of what you see takes money. The arenas you see on tv, the places where the athletes, judges, media, and officials are housed takes money, all the food takes money. But to most, they aren’t paying for it so who cares right? Somone has too. Why should something like that be saddled with the locals and whatever their taxes may bring in?

It’s not cheap

Much like most everything with a high profile now from The Superbowl, The World Series, Wrestlemania, EVERYTHING. A lot of those costs are passed to consumers in some form. Sure there is a lot of overspending near the top, but the ticket buyers are the ones to help pay for those and it has been that way for a LONG time. The Olympics are no exception. Sure, there are plans to “reuse” different venues in ways to minimalize the impact on the locals and the area and diffuse some of the ungodly prices for running such an event, but people still have to pay for things too. Even in the short term.


It’s that part of putting on The Olympics that you aren’t really told about, but don’t act surprised when things aren’t cheap either. Ignorance won’t help make this happen.

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