Sweet Victory tweeted out by Stadium of Superbowl 53.

Stadium Tweets out what wasn’t shown on TV.

Superbowl 35 this past Sunday was not one that kept the nation captivated to the action. The football game itself was a low scoring affair and in fact, the lowest scored in history. The halftime act of Maroon 5 and Outkast member Big Boi didn’t get a lot of rave reviews either. And for many members of the audience, there was a big thing that was missing.

Spongebob SquarePants.

The Nickelodeon cartoon character was shown. Brief clips of the yellow sponge who lives under the sea were shown, but an appearance in the half time show itself was not. A lot were expecting him to be there and they were given nothing.

This goes back to when there was a loud online vote to have Spongebob and one of his most famous songs, Sweet Victory,  actually played during the half time act of the Superbowl. A big part of this was in memorial to Steven Hillenburg, the creator of the famous series who passed away in November after his battle with ALS.

Rock it Spongy!

After Hillenburg’s passing, an online movement was made to have the “Sweet Victory” song played at Halftime of the Superbowl. It got a LOT of signatures, well over a million. Soon there were heavy rumors the song would be played. Leading up to the big game there was even brief clips and video captures of Spongebob from rehearsals and such. Would this actually happen?

No. It didn’t, and fans were not too pleased about it.


But the location of Superbowl 53 seemed to want to give the fans something. It wouldn’t play during halftime but someone behind the Twitter account of Mercedes-Benz Stadium knew something was missing. At 7:58 that night, while the game was still going on, they posted what people had been asking for, even if it was just a video on Twitter in an empty arena.

MercedesBenzStadium on Twitter

Okay, everybody… Let’s get this over with. 1, 2, 3… 4… https://t.co/ZgmVmOw7V0

Whoever put together the video for Mercedes-Benz Stadium made sure to put a memorial graphic of Hillenburg at the end to remember just why so many people wanted the song played in the first place and have it played in the biggest game of the year.


Sweet Victory was part of an episode of Spongebob where the character of Squidward wants to show up his brother by leading almost the entire town in a musical rendition during the “Bubble Bowl.” The group plays badly and Squidward is dismayed that he will be looked at as a failure when Spongebob himself pulls the group together. Much to the squid’s surprise, they crank out the 80’s rock anthem. Squidward’s brother is so shocked that he makes motions of a heart attack and is then taken away on a stretcher. The episode itself was aired back in 2001 called “Band Geeks.”

SWEET Victory!

It is said the song is from 1986 on an album of royalty free music that was used for the show. It was originally sung by David Glen Eisley and also features Bob Kulick on gautair.

The video that was posted by Mercedes-Benz Stadium is said to have been played by the stadium itself during the day. However most of the audience who was not in Atlanta for the big game did not see it and most were only aware of its failure to be played during the halftime show, despite the introduction taking scenes from the episode of SpongeBob itself.

In the end, Superbowl 53 did not have a lot of lasting memories. The game itself was less than spectacular and the halftime show was not very well received. It was a musical number put on by a Cartoon character and his friends 18 years ago that was the talk of the whole thing.

Sweet Sweet Victory

Sometimes things just work out that way.

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