Steph Curry Mocks LeBron James, Kyrie Irving Laughs

Ok, this is getting really weird now. The Kyrie Irving trade demand took a funny turn this weekend and it turns out Steph Curry does a dead-on impression of LeBron James in the gym! He busted it out at a wedding, in front of LBJ’s soon-to-be former running mate, Kyrie Irving.

A bunch of the Golden State Warriors were at their former teammate Harrison Barnes’ wedding when Steph decided to show everyone what he’d been working on in the off-season. The fact, Kyrie was also there made it way more entertaining.

Irving wants to be traded so he can get out of LeBron’s shadow and now we have all types of trade rumors, inside stories, and now this. I’m scared to see what is next in this offseason drama…

In the meanwhile, let’s revisit this from a couple months ago:

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